CarMax Foundation Awards Place of Hope $10,000

CarMax FoundationThe CarMax Foundation has granted Place of Hope a $10,000 award for its programs that help the children in its care. Place of Hope is the county’s largest child welfare organization and serves foster families, foster youth and young people who age out of foster care.

The $10,000 Regional Giving Program grant from CarMax Foundation will specifically support Place of Hope’s Ages to Ages – Transition to Independence program that provides a stable, loving and nurturing environment for 70 children and youth, and impacts their lives on a daily basis through educational and recreational support, including tutoring, mentoring, life-skills classes, extracurricular activities and community service opportunities.

With the grant, Place of Hope plans to meet or exceed its three main program goals – 1) provide academic assistance to help 95 percent of students matriculate to the next grade level; 2) help all of its youth adopt or improve healthy lifestyles by using healthy alternatives to harmful behavior; and 3) change youths’ behaviors or attitudes by having a sense of belonging and understanding the importance of giving. Visit

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