Celebrating the Daughters of the King

One of the most exciting times in the life of a man is when he is told he is going to be a father. The most terrifying time in the life of a man shutterstock_268352456_PRESSis when he is told he is going to have a daughter. From the moment she is born, this little girl that God has perfectly created holds the keys to our hearts and there is not one day that goes by that we don’t worry about them. A mother’s love for them is one thing, but they are and will forever be, “Daddy’s Little Princesses.”

From the moment my girls were born and almost every day of their life, I let them know that they are loved, and special and important. I do that because I don’t want them to ever feel that they need to look for that attention in the wrong ways. Even praying over them and reminding them of how important they are, I still worry constantly as they get older, about who will they eventually give that special kiss to. What boy will be worthy of their affection?

What we can find peace and rest in knowing is that as much as we love our daughters, their Heavenly Father loves them even more, and He promises to never leave them nor forsake them. When we can’t be holding their hand through every decision in their life, God is right there protecting them. The role the father plays in the shaping of their daughters is so integral. Girls who are deprived of a father’s love while growing up spend most of their life looking for just some male figure to show them any kind of attention and to tell them they are pretty. Unfortunately in the most extreme cases, girls who grow up fatherless are much more active sexually trying to fill the void of not having a father’s love. Their self-worth is very low because they feel that if a father didn’t want to have a relationship with them, why then should they feel anyone else will.

Just like in the fairytales that our daughters read, there is a King whose daughter is the Princess. At the end of the book, we tell them that it is all make believe. What we need to tell our daughters more is that there really is a King, and there really is a Princess. God Almighty is the King and they are his princesses. Having them told this over and over will be life changing for them. Knowing that their identity is in being a daughter of the King of Kings will forever change their lives. If they understand that they are loved and cherished by the Creator of the Universe, they won’t need to search for that kind of attention anywhere else.

Men, we need to constantly remind our girls that we are not Prince Awesome, but that title belongs to the only one who defines love – Jesus. They need to know that as much as they are our “little princesses,” God holds their hearts in His mighty hand.

On March 12th we will be reminding them of just that.

Participate in a memorable experience during the Father-Daughter dance at Coral Ridge for fathers and their daughters, 3 – 12 years old on Saturday, March 12 at 6 p.m. at the Coral Ridge Fellowship Hall. Formal attire is expected.

Men, this evening is not about us! This will be an evening where they will forever know they are not only your daughters but most importantly a daughter of the King, and a Princess to Abba Father. Once they know that, they will never have to look for love because forever they are loved by God.

For more information about the Father Daughter Dance, visit www.crpc.org/princessdance.

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