Children of a Lesser God

children of a lesser god
Les Feldman

I was all prepared to talk about “Children of a Lesser God.” It is a Broadway Play concerning the significance and lack of opportunity for people with disabilities and in this case, deaf actors, and how a playwright’s decision to write a script about and for a deaf woman and a male speech therapist was so moving that it won the Tony Award for Best Play in 1980.


The thought that there would be children of a lesser God intrigued me. We see people with one or another form of disability all around us and to think, they can’t help but think they got a raw deal. In the eyes of God; are they lesser? Let’s stew on that for a while, and I promise to come back to that.


I admit part of the intrigue with this play and this issue was personal. Remember the name Dr. Mark Medoff; the playwright grew up in my neighborhood and was a family friend here in South Florida.


Saying I’ll get back to that, I am reminded how God plants seeds and interrupts what otherwise is an already full-tilt fully engaged mind, and you hear something…. Give that to me again? He just said what? 


             “You are not an audience. You’re an Army.”


Minding my own business, you talking to me? Pastor Doug Sauder unleashes a seemingly low key high octane, “You are not an audience; you’re an army” – thinking that’s pretty fierce, Pastor Doug. Of course he was referring to “Get in The Story” but my competitive mind hears: “Get in the game, pal…. You’ve got an army!” 


I love that! You’re singing my song, playing my tune. Back-to-back I read a post from everyone’s friend and an inspirational guy even in neutral, standing still.


children of a lesser godchildren of a lesser godOf course Nick Vujicic can’t stand still because you know he was born without legs or arms or hands. Nick would never think that he is a child of a lesser God. Nick is on perpetual go, go, go. A we can and will do it kind a guy. Nick Vujicic has over 10 million Facebook followers and inspires me in many ways and because he has an army of followers.


Nick wrote: To all Christians,


“Please stop this disastrous mentality of “staying away from politics.” Get into it as God leads you! Get into being a Local Council Member, School Board Member. Stop complaining about it all and do something. Stop praying for the fire of revival. Go chop a tree down and get what is needed to start a fire. If you don’t pray, if you don’t serve, if you don’t give, if America keeps sinning then she has no repentance. No repentance then haunts the forgiveness and healing of our land. 


It is time! It is time! 

There’s a fire and woe to any church who is more crippled than a limbless man! A church kissed by the Scorpion called “the Political Coma”! 


Woe to churches who are ProLife but don’t tell your youth to keep their pants on! Woe to churches who don’t talk about post abortion PTSD for women and men.


Woe to Facebook and Instagram if they block me! 


It’s about to get loud!  Wake up church! Wake up!


Children of a Lesser God, An Army. And a guy imploring you to get up, when he can’t stand. I like it.



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