Christ Community Church Holds Drive-In Services

Dylan Kallioinen, Pastor, holds drive-in church

As businesses began shutting down operations due to the spread of Covid-19, Christ Community Church was faced with the decision of how to move forward. Like most churches, we immediately migrated our meetings and worship service online. This kept us connected but lacked a particular human element. Our people longed to be together. On Easter, we decided to begin holding a weekly drive-in service. Everyone could attend and participate in worship while remaining in the safety and comfort of their vehicle. It has been a great way to continue gathering and has been a witness to our community as visiting neighbors stop to listen while walking their dogs or riding their bikes.

Now, we’re faced with the decision of when to resume worship meetings inside of our building. Many South Florida churches have made that move. We’ve considered being one, but after hearing from our people, many weren’t ready to gather inside for worship just yet. They enjoy being together but also secure in their vehicles. Though as the weeks pass, more and more venture out to greet one another in person. This is a sign of good things to come! For now we’ll continue hosting the drive-in service, at least through mid-July. At the end of the day, each church will respond to God’s leading as they shepherd the people God has given to them. Christ Community Church, like many other churches, exists to help people hear from God’s word in worship so that they’ll be able to speak God’s word in witness. Right now, the way we feel God wants us to do that is through a drive-in!

Grace and peace,
Dylan Kallioinen, Pastor

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