Men’s Christian Speech Club

The Speech club exists to help men improve their communication, leadership, and presentation skills. Men who participate in the speech club develop speaking and leadership skills in a Christian atmosphere. The club serves as an avenue for men to increase their effectiveness in fulfilling their roles in God’s commission to His church.
Our focus areas are Spiritual Growth- the development of Christian character based on the qualities of love, wisdom, sincerity and humility is a foremost goal of the speech club. Leadership Development- members will improve their ability to speak to an audience and motivate others. Christian Fellowship- club participation provides members with opportunities to develop closer friendships with like members of the Christian faith. Ministry Involvement- It will enable you to serve more effectively within the Body of Christ. And it will help you keep your mind focused on the wonderful purpose of human life!

Takes place @ Florida Bible Church 9300 Pembroke Rd, If interested in attending the speech club contact Erik Aponte e-mail address – [email protected]