People Blocked by Facebook Find USA.Life

USA.Life, the most popular Christian social network, helps “Christians and churches persecuted by Facebook find safety and hope,” said USA.Life CEO Steven Andrew. He understands firsthand about the censorship happening. Facebook blocked 5 million people per month from Andrew’s popular, inspirational Christian and patriotic posts, before blocking Andrew completely. In response, Andrew started USA.Life so Christians, churches, and all who love America have a place where they and their loved ones are safe. USA.Life provides an “open door to freely share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.” USA.Life is seeing record growth and everyone gets a free account.

“It is no longer possible to effectively share the Gospel of Jesus Christ on Facebook,” Andrew said.

“Christians don’t say Biblical truths that they want to say to not be censored on Facebook, where only lukewarm Christianity is allowed. Censorship produces a weak church,” Andrew said. “The blocking of Christians and pastors on Facebook and Instagram is greater than people know, because most of the restrictions are done by shadowbanning and intimidation.”

With the fast growth of USA.Life, there are many positive reviews.

“Thank you Jesus for this Christian website.” Jessica A Evans

“I am emailing and telling everyone I know about this new platform.” Olivia Reid.

“…a platform to those who love Jesus Christ.” Lee Evans

“Please inform all of your friends about USA.Life… Facebook is not a Christian platform… convince your friends to leave, especially your pastors and strong spiritual friends.” Alvin J. Bates

“People find God’s hope on USA.Life, because Big Tech’s censorship affects one’s faith, salvations, church growth, national security, elections, and the strength of the church,” Andrew said.

A popular feature is the Christian cross reaction for “Amen.”

On USA.Life people connect with those important to them. Individuals, families, churches, and businesses share photos, updates, news, videos, and messages, and join groups. USA.Life hopes to be the top social network, because it is pro-America and positive. Users from other countries join too.

“Christians feel encouraged on USA.Life in these challenging times, because Jesus Christ is the answer,” Andrew said. There are also cooking recipes, groups, news, politics, funny dogs and cats, and more.

Individuals, churches, and businesses are invited to set up their page and groups at www.USA.Life today.”

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