Fort Lauderdale, Florida (March 10, 2014) – On Saturday, March 15, Potential Church will partner with History Channel’s American Daredevils star, Mike ‘Mr. Dizzy’ Buse, to create a stunt to ignite people’s imagination. Buse, a renowned stuntman, will place himself in a vehicle loaded with explosive charges with unexpected twist of attempting to escape the explosion unscathed, alongside Lead Pastor Troy Gramling.

“I’m so excited to work alongside Mr. Dizzy for the first time. We’ve never tried something like this at Potential Church, and I certainly never imagined being this close to the action,” said Gramling. “Our goal is to always create unique experiences that attract people to Christ,” added Gramling.

The superhuman stunt kicks off the church’s upcoming teaching series, Daredevil: Doing What Others Say is Impossible. Gramling hopes that this feat will attract hundreds of spectators to the church’s Cooper City campus in South Florida, where the live act will take place. He will also interview Buse in person during all weekend services Saturday at 5pm and Sunday at 9am, 10:45am, 12:30pm and 2:15pm. The live experience will take place immediately after the church’s Saturday 5pm service.

Buse began his career in motorsports over 20 years ago as a driver. Throughout his career he realized that entertaining fans and taking automotive entertainment to an extreme was his true calling. He began doing small stunts for his home track, Evergreen Speedway, and then expanded his performances to many venues across the US. He is a three-time world record holder and has rapidly become one of the most acclaimed and well-known names in the extreme entertainment industry.

Pastor Troy Gramling has led Potential Church, a fast-growing, multi-site church, to an average weekly attendance of over 12,000 people across seven campuses (three national and four international), with the upcoming addition of an eighth campus in New York City. He is fueled by his passion and burden to partner with people to reach their God potential, as they connect with God, become like Christ and influence the world around them. Gramling excels in leadership development and is well known for his extreme creativity in designing unexpected worship and teaching experiences. For more information, visit

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