Church Celebrates Mother Elsa Lee’s 100th Birthday

100th BirthdayFirst United Church of Jesus Christ in Lauderdale Lakes celebrated the 100th Birthday of their church mother, Else Lee, on May 30.

Not long after moving to Florida in 1978, Lee opened and used her home as a church for Sunday services until a permanent place of worship was found for the church, said Bishop Izett R. Scott, pastor of First United Church of Jesus Christ. “Serving the Lord has been her priority; especially helping and assisting others has always been her lifestyle,” he said.

Lee was born May 29, 1915, in Manchester, Jamaica, and migrated to the United States in 1950. She lived in New York after leaving Jamaica until she moved to Florida in 1978, 38 years ago. She lived in Lauderdale Lakes 37 years of the 38 where she was a stay at home mom to four biological children and one adopted son.

Lee is considered a church mother as most people call her Mother Lee and seek advice from her because of her warmth, patience, wisdom, and vision. She is known for her kind and calm words of encouragement and wisdom.

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