Church in a South Beach Tattoo Shop?

South Beach Fellowship

Miami Beach, Florida – August 25, 2013

For Immediate Release : Church in a South Beach Tattoo Shop? Recovering Addict, Ex-Stripper and a Tattoo Shop Owner team provide a weekly church service.

A former stripper teaming up with church? Go to church then get a tattoo if you want? Is this the setup to a bad joke, or a reality? Strange as it may seem, a ministry called South Beach Fellowship is making exactly that happen. South Beach Fellowship holds weekly services in South Beach, Florida at a tattoo shop. Started in October 2012 by Pastor Tim Savage and his wife, Sandi Savage, a former stripper and founder of the non-profit BeLoved that cares for people in the sex industry, they wanted to make a place where everyone was welcome.

“ I walked into a church in 2007 and experienced people loving me for who I was, even though I was 90 days sober from drugs and alcohol. it changed my life forever“ says Pastor Tim Savage. His wife, Sandi, a former sex industry worker, also knew the challenges of stepping foot inside a traditional church. She states, “I know it was really hard for me to walk into a normal church because of my 13 years of working in the sex industry. I was afraid people would judge me and not welcome me into their church,” After going to a great church in KY the two knew there were so many others who like them had been weary of walking into a traditional church. “We believe our role is to encourage people in their value and purpose and to create a safe place where people can go, ask questions about God and be in a non-judgemental environment” says Sandra.

How do they do that? They ended up meeting Amor Sierra, the owner of Miami Tattoo Company and the founder of Life Under War Tattoos, a non-profit that does cover-ups and removal of tattoos on trafficking victims for free. When they met at a local anti-trafficking event, it seemed a match made in heaven! “We know tons of people who would feel more comfortable doing church in a tattoo shop so we decided to try it out and it exploded” continues Pastor Tim Savage. “Jesus Himself connected with people where they are in His day. As followers of Christ, the least we can do is provide an opportunity for people to come and worship in a setting they love.”

The services are from 8 am – 10 am at 1218 Washington Ave, Miami Beach Florida 33139.

According to Pastor Tim Savage, the church is open to anyone and everyone. “No matter who you are, you are welcome here” he says. The requirement? None.

Visit or email [email protected] for more info.

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