Church of All Nations Hosts Beth Moore Simulcast

On Saturday, September 16th Church of All Nations, 1300 NW 4th Ave, Boca Raton, will be hosting Beth Moore’s “Living Proof Live” Simulcast. In this simulcast, Beth Moore will impact many women by teaching from the Bible and encouraging a stronger relationship with God. There will be live worship led by Travis Cottrell.

The name of this simulcast is “Captivated: The Wonder of Christ on the Winding Road.” Moore explained, “When we can’t see around that corner, when we don’t know exactly what’s going on, when we don’t know how God is going to answer it and what life is going to look like in a year, our God is faithful.”



Beth Moore’s Living Proof Simulcast seeks to connect women across the nation in exploration and application of the Bible.

“Somehow I thought I was going to have it all figured out by now. I mean thirty-five years of studying the scriptures in depth, and I’m still searching for things, still asking lots of questions, still seeing so much mystery, but I’ve come to the conclusion that that’s part of the adventure of it that God has given us this whole walk that involves so much mystery that it’s part of the majesty that we can never fully figure it out. This is where I’m headed for this year’s simulcast,” she said.

Moore first felt her call to ministry at 18, and after graduating Southwest Texas State University, she began serving the Lord through speaking at events, working at Mother’s Day Out and teaching Christian aerobics. In 1994, she founded Living Proof Ministries to help women learn and grow closer to God. Soon Moore’s books and Bible studies started to spread globally.


Daughters of the King

Sue Illiano, the new director of Daughters of the King women’s ministry at Church of All Nations, said that she found out about the Living Proof Simulcast through the Lifeway Resources website. She had the option to attend or host and through prayer and discussion with the Church of All Nations’ pastor, decided to host the event to connect women in their church, other churches and in the community.

In her words, “Women from all generations will be touched by Beth’s passion for the Lord and learn from her knowledge of the Word. It will be a time to get connect with your sisters as we worship together, learn together and fellowship with each other. What better way to get connected, to make a friend than a good cry and a belly laugh! Watching this live event together will unite us and make us stronger as daughters of the King!”

Church of All Nations will provided breakfast and lunch for the attendees. Doors will open at 8:30 a.m., the event begins at 9:30 a.m. and concludes at 4:15 p.m.

Join your fellow women in Christ in fellowship and worship at Church of All Nations this September. To register visit,


Gabriella Morris is a student at Florida State University and writer at Good News. She can be reached [email protected].


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