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Church United
Edwin Copeland

Church United began with a simple question: what if we could change the narrative of South Florida? What if our community became known as the best place to live, to work, and to raise a family? Similar to our own stories, the story of South Florida is far from over.

The vision of Church United has always been beyond any one church, key leader, or organization— it is about the flourishing of South Florida. A vision rooted in the belief that as the gospel saturates the region, generosity is reigned, stronger families are formed, Sunday’s faith would be more connected to Monday’s work, art is more hopeful, literacy rises, orphans and widows are cared for, and commerce is redefined for the common good.

Knowing that no one church could change South Florida alone, we knew we needed to connect to other pastors, collaborate together to expand God’s kingdom, and celebrate what a unified Church can accomplish. In late 2015, key leaders from gospel-believing churches began to come together, unifying for the sake of mission. We began to meet quarterly, to build relationships, link arms, and discover the possibilities of collaboration. But 2015 was only the beginning.

As stronger friendships formed and trust was built, our newfound unity allowed us to ask big questions and dream together. We began to wonder: what if we unified around the spiritual lostness, social pain, and cultural brokenness of our surroundings? What if we trusted God for a vision so big that we would have to say it was only God who accomplished it!?


vision 2020Vision 2020

On August 31st, at the largest gathering of Church United to-date, churches from across the region met at Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church to write the next chapter in the story of Church United: Vision 2020.

At its core, Vision 2020 is a commitment to see the number of committed Christ followers in our region double from 3% to 6%. To accomplish this goal by 2020, churches within the Church United network are committing to collective evangelistic efforts, church planting, mobilizing commerce, engaging education and raising up new leaders. However, this vision is far beyond just pastors and churches — it’s about you. No matter who you are or what you do, you play a central role in seeing this vision realized.

You see, we don’t just need more pastors and more churches. We need hundreds of new leaders who understand their calling and the power of their influence. We need thousands of gospel-saturated Christians – people who see their vocation as mission – deployed into every sector of the marketplace. As these efforts begin to come together and a critical mass of South Floridians begins to rise, they become better neighbors, better employees, better parents and better citizens. And that just might represent something big for our region — it may just spark a revival.

Imagine, when 3% of committed Christ followers becomes 6%…then 9%…and eventually a tipping point. And as this momentum continues, South Florida becomes known as the best place to life — a place of faith, hope and love. A place where God’s kingdom is on the move. Join us. We’re only just getting started.

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Edwin Copeland serves as the Director of Church United with the National Christian Foundation of South Florida where he works to unify the Church through collaboration and celebration to see faith, hope, and love spread throughout South Florida. Read more articles by Edwin Copeland at:

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