Church United Coronavirus Update

As the situation with the Coronavirus continues to develop, Church United desires to help keep the Churches in South Florida informed and connected. On Thursday, March 12 Church United hosted a call with 60+ local pastors, Fort Laudedale Vice Mayor and Broward Health’s Chief Medical Officer to discuss how the Church should be thinking about the coronavirus, our response and impact on Sunday morning expressions. The call recording along with other key church resources are available here:

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2 Responses to “Church United Coronavirus Update”

  1. Jhon clark

    COVID- 19 is spreading to fast in our world. In December this virus is recognized in China and now this virus is leading 192 countries in this world. These virus symptoms are feeling cold, throat pain and fever. One of my brother felt fever a few days ago and everyone thought that he was infected with corona but then the doctor said it was dengue. To dengue fever prevention we all have to maintain our daily routine. And also we should stay at home at this time.

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