Church United Will Host Love Listens on March 11

united2020 was challenging. It left ministry leaders discouraged and disoriented to the current cultural moment. In many cases, we moved from being “on mission” to simply trying to survive. And, the Church was never meant to simply “survive” the cultural moment, but flourish while sharing our faith, giving hope, and extending Christ’s love. 

But how do we do empower our churches to be on mission together when there’s not even a consensus around if we should be meeting in-person or not? That is why Church United has partnered with Alpha, Barna, The Bible Project, and Gloo to host a one-day leader workshop that culminates in an evening gathering where we will listen to our city, our youth, our pastors, and the Holy Spirit in the area of mission and end our time together in prayer. 

During our Youth Leaders breakout out, Alpha and the Fuller Youth Institute while share what they’ve learned by listening to a generation that is walking away from the church. Together we will have conversations around reimaging youth ministry to make faith matter more to millions of young people. 

During our specialized senior leaders workshop we’ll take an in-depth look at evangelism in our moment. We’ll host round table sessions, with curated discussions on the latest research on church, culture, digital, next-gen, and more.  

Love Listens is our chance to come together to stop, listen, and assess our ministry moment – and to look at what God is doing next to reach our cities. 

Information about Love Listens

Join us at Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale on March 11th, for a one-day gathering for leaders and friends of Church United, as we come together to pray, reconnect, be equipped, and hear what God is doing in our new season.

March 11th, 2021

Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale

Workshops: 1-4pm for Church Leaders

Evening Gathering: 7pm-9pm For church leaders, their staff, key lay leaders, and church members


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