Coastal Community Gets Green Light in Parkland

The City of Parkland has given Coastal Community Church the green light to build a permanent church home — the first and only Protestant church in Parkland. On April 5 it was a standing room only event with Lead Pastor TJ McCormickm, of Coastal Community Church, church goers and members of the community waiting for the okay from city commissioners to proceed with the development. In a surprising 5-0 approval vote, it was clear that “God did a miraculous thing,” as Pastor McCormick will testify.

This undertaking, titled as the Immeasurably More Building Project, is the result of four years of planning, praying and fasting by the church. Currently Coastal Community Church occupies two locations for their Sunday services: one at Pompano Beach’s 18 Broward Muvico and one at Coconut Creek’s Monarch High School. Because of limitations, there has been a need for the church to find a permanent home.

Working with a realtor, an opportunity to build on a 7.5 acre property arose. Financially, it did not seem viable for the church to buy the entire property, and they hoped it could be divided in half. Unfortunately, it was not so. But when God has a plan, he will provide a way. Walking in faith, Pastor McCormick and the church purchased the entire property stating that “God provided everything.”

Still working from this point of faith, Coastal Community Church had its first phase building plans drawn up even before the green light was given. It was expected that the vote would not be unanimous in approval. Again, we see God’s will in motion.


The mission

Unfamiliar with Coastal Community Church, I spoke with Pastor McCormick about the vision and mission of his ministry. Written words cannot do justice to the exuberance and passion Pastor McCormick has for the community and spreading the Gospel of Christ. Not only is he the lead pastor of the nondenominational church, but he is also a driving force in community outreach. This, he says, is where true transformation occurs. When we as followers of Christ go into the community and reach out to the lost with the hope of Christ, it has a great impact on their lives as well as ours.

One of the ongoing outreach programs he’s instituted is Adopt-A-Block, held every first Saturday of the month at 10 a.m. in Collier City. Besides food and clothes distribution and children’s activities, his team also visits those in need in their homes. Bringing the church to the community, Pastor McCormick claims “it’s better to be in circles rather than in rows.” His church works alongside other churches in South Florida to be a working example of Christ in the lives of the lost.

This evangelical approach is the foundation of the current and future Coastal Community churches. With the idea of “making it harder to go to hell and easier to go to church,” Pastor McCormick’s team creates a welcoming, casual and upbeat atmosphere regardless of the location. With the new property, due to be completed by Easter of 2018, this vision can be taken to a whole new level. The majority of space is allotted to the next generation and those of growing families. For this reason the structure itself and the feel of the church will be modern and contemporary. The worship team at each location leads the church the same way. With electric guitars and electronica playing today’s Christian songs, young and young-at-heart will enjoy this style of worship.


A focus on youth

Something I found interesting about Coastal Community Church is the value they place on their junior and high schoolers. On Wednesday nights, 7th-12th graders have their own church service addressing their particular needs. Then on Sundays they are given an opportunity to serve the older, as well as the younger, generations in the church. This is one way the church utilizes the talents of the youth and emphasizes their rightful place as valued members of the congregation.

It was at age 18 that the pastor himself came to Christ. He married his wife Shayla at age 21 (more than 15 years ago) and their ministry has been ongoing ever since. Being an assistant pastor of a large church in Bradenton, TJ McCormick felt called to start a church plant. This brought him to South Florida in June 2009. From that time the church has grown immensely, thus the need for a bigger property geared for evangelistic expansion within and outside of its walls. Pastor McCormick beams, “I can’t wait to see what God has in store!”

Pastor McCormick would like to personally invite you to one of Coastal Community Church’s Sunday services: Coconut Creek campus at 9 a.m. and 11 a.m.; Pompano Beach at 10 a.m. and 11:50 a.m. For more information or to watch a service online, go to There you can also be a part of the Immeasurably More Building Project with your financial support through donations or contact them for contributing your talents to the mission.


Chris Alexander is a freelance writer and an aspiring humble servant of Our Lord Jesus Christ.  Contact her at [email protected]

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