College Credit for Addiction Recovery Program

College Credit for Addiction Recovery ProgramBringing hope and encouragement to those who have addictions but want to find a way out with Christ’s help, 

Faith Farm Ministries and South Florida Bible College have united in an educational partnership that awards college credit for some life skills learned during addiction recovery.

Faith Farm Ministries

Faith Farm Ministries is a faith-based recovery program aimed at those who find themselves in slavery to addiction. There are three Faith Farm locations throughout south Florida, which are located in Ft. Lauderdale, Boynton Beach and Okeechobee. Unlike many other recovery programs, Faith Farm assists women and men in their struggle to overcome addiction (Their program for women is located at their Boynton Beach branch).

Faith Farm takes in recovering addicts, gives them a place to stay and helps them learn how to better deal with these seemingly insurmountable struggles. By giving these men and women an opportunity to work and learn a trade or craft, this ministry gives many a fresh start at life. Students are trained in useful and necessary vocations such as citrus, dairy, recycling, cattle, and sod farming, so that once they complete the Faith Farm program, they will have a future to look forward to.

Since Faith Farm’s students learn these vocations by actual farm work, Faith Farm is completely self-sustained and can do more than traditional recovery programs, which rely on donations or even charge fees.

In addition to vocational training, Faith Farm also offers an academic program which helps students work toward a GED if they do not already have a high school diploma. Although a GED would help bring these people to a better standing in society, Faith Farm wanted more for its members: college degrees. That’s where South Florida Bible College comes in.

South Florida Bible College

Recovery students who complete Faith Farm’s 9-12 month program—“Phase I”—and can pass a comprehensive test will be granted college credits. They can subsequently continue their education at South Florida Bible College—Phase II of Faith Farm’s recovery program. At South Florida Bible students can earn an associate of arts degree, any of six bachelor of arts degrees, a Master of Arts in Biblical Studies or a Master of Divinity degree.

South Florida Bible College and Theological Seminary is an interdenominational institute. They keep costs low and offer students the opportunity to graduate completely debt-free; a rare thing these days where the average college graduate owes over $30,000 in student debt. Many of South Florida Bible College students come from at-risk populations and get their lives redirected by the things they learn during their time at the college.

As a result of this partnership between Faith Farm Ministries and South Florida Bible College, they will be able to reach more people and bring them to a deeper understanding of Christ and his love that frees us all from our slavery to sin.

If you or someone you know could benefit from a program such as Faith Farm’s and you would like more information: visit Faith Farm’s website at faith, email [email protected] or email mdrabi[email protected]. It is never too late to get your life back on track.

Tami Fernandez is an intern at the Good News and a freelance editor/proofreader. Feel free to contact her at [email protected].

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