Congratulations NCF on Your First 20

Les Feldman

This month we cover feature the 20th Anniversary of the National Christian Foundation of South Florida, known simply as “NCF.” Good News Editor, Shelly Pond covers the ascension, vital growth and importance of those two decades on pages 20 and 21. 

I’ll let the fascinating story speak for itself.

I no longer consider myself a new believer, and my old friends curiously ask me two questions: why? And, am I no longer a Jew? With my new friends I find myself being asked two questions: Do you know Jesus? And, do you know Stephan?

I first met NCFSF Co-Founder Stephan Tchividjian sometime in 2011 when I began my Jesus journey through his weekly Bible Study. The lessons have spanned continents as well as the essential nine-month Lifework Leadership course, and everything in between and after.

We have a respectfully close relationship with constant interaction; he usually calls me “Bud” either an endearing southern charm type of thing or he doesn’t remember my name? I sometimes sign my texts “Bud” so as to not confuse him. 

Baptism (Left to Right) Stephan Tchividjian, Les Feldman, Bob Coy

Stephan, simply put, is the go-to guy. Rarely does anything engage forward movement in our village without the behind-the-scenes prayerful and respectful blessings; after you consult Stephan. Wisdom, grace and respect are the leadership traits of Jesus. In an exhibit of elegant grace, Stephan rarely answers a question directly without first suggesting, “what does that mean to you?” And then the dialogue commences. A trait he credits to lessons learned as a young child when he would exhibit curiosity in discussions with his late grandfather Billy Graham.

I was blessed to be baptized by Stephan, a seminal day in my rebirth. After years of passing on many opportunities to be baptized in ocean settings, I considered it my grace to not put an ocean full of fish species in danger, fearing they would wash up dead on shore. Many years ago, my Bible Study brothers trekked to my West Broward home pool, a safer confine to witness my baptism. Albeit my fear of the pool water turning black did not occur, a month later my pool did spring a leak in the structure and ficus tree roots did punch through to begin the growth of a tree in the middle of my pool. Of course, they had to dig up my pool deck first to make pool repairs. He is watching me.

I’m sure thousands have ”Stephan” memorable moments and stories; events, initiatives, triumphs and very personal family issues. Our region is fortunate to have NCF guided by Co-Founders: Stephan Tchividjian and Brett Stepelton. 

The Future of NCF

NCFSF is just one of the many hats Stephan Tchividjian wears: son, nephew, husband, father, grandfather, Pastor, CEO, leader and friend. We get to share his brilliant writing talents as a master storyteller of God’s Word, but none more important than faithful servant

Prayers for another twenty and then another twenty.

We are Grateful.


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