Congress Moves to Undercut ISIS’s Black Market for Antiquities

(WNS)–The House of Representatives passed legislation April 26 to snuff out the Islamic State’s (ISIS) black market of pillaged cultural antiquities. “The looting of antiquities is big business for ISIS,” said Rep. Ed Royce, R-Calif., the chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee. “And unfortunately, buyers in the United States appear to be a primary end-destination for many of these pieces.” Since taking footholds in Syria and Iraq, along with countless acts of violence, ISIS has ransacked ancient sites and destroyed valuable cultural artifacts. ISIS seeks to remove all traces of the region’s rich and diverse religious and cultural past. But what it does not destroy, ISIS traffics to buyers in the U.S. and Europe, allowing millions of dollars to flow into its coffers. The legislation would prevent the sale or import or those stolen antiquities in the U.S.

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