Conquering the Mt. Everest in your life

I hurt my back while rock climbing recently. Hey, I really wish I could say that I hurt it while lifting an injured elderly lady to safety. But, no, I hurt my back while rock climbing.

My exuberance eclipsed common sense: I tried too hard with my own strength levels (and only made it half-way up the advanced climb). It taught me a lesson: In my own strength, I fail and hurt. I may take ibuprofen, but only rest and treatment offer the answer to the pain problem.

That reminds me of life. We feel pain and try painkillers instead of getting treatment to get well.

We try things ranging from sports, socializing (online and offline), shopping, and all sorts of other activities to distract us. But we still hurt and wonder why.

The answer to our pain rests in knowing Dr. Jesus. Jesus offers an answer to the pain question. He promises to make things right in the end and stays with us in the interim. In Max Lucado’s book, Fearless, he puts it well: “He has diagnosed the pain of the world and written the book on its treatment. We can trust him.”

Jesus gives us true love and life. Alcohol will not do it. Overeating will not do it.

Today, let Jesus feed your soul with His love

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