Coral Springs Christian Academy Graduates Last Class

Joseph E. Sanelli

Faced with excessive repairs in the wake of Hurricane Irma, Coral Springs Christian Academy (CSCA) will graduate its last class in 2018.

According to Joseph E. Sanelli, CSCA Head of School, CSCA was founded in 1971 to minister to students in a Christ-centered learning community which instills the vision and practice of excellence in academics, character and service for God’s glory.

The school has enjoyed many celebrations and faced many challenges over the years – athletes making it to the professional level, performers using their craft to entertain, and of course the many alumni who are making a positive impact on this world for Jesus Christ. 

“After Hurricane Irma we learned the cost of critical /necessary repairs to the campus would cost over a million dollars,” said Sanelli. “Facing this impossible financial challenge, the congregation of First Presbyterian Church voted to sell the campus on January 7, 2018.”

Coral Springs Christian Academy will now soon come to an end, but it’s legacy will live on in the lives and memories of every “Crusader.”

“To EVERY parent who chose CSCA for their child, to every student who ever attended, and to every dedicated individual who served on the CSCA staff, we say thank you. You made CSCA so special,” said Sanelli. “We thank the Lord for allowing this ministry to impact the lives of so many, the many who will forever remain Crusaders.” 

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