Creation Studies Institute Team Digs Dinosaur Bones in Montana

Creation studies instituteA team of 15 from Creation Studies Institute (CSI) composed of Executive Director Tom DeRosa and participants of all ages from all over the United States participated in the 2015 Dino Dig, July 15-19 in Montana. The goal was to unearth the remains of dinosaurs that once roamed the earth while making the vital connection to God’s Word. Since 2005 CSI has brought many together to meet at the heart of the Badlands in Glendive, Montana. Dinosaurs like the famous Tyrannosaurs along with Triceratops, Pachycephalasaurs, Hadrosaurids (duck bills) and many others roamed this area, which is identified as the Hell Creek formation. The group worked off a special dig site prolific with all kinds of fossils, both marine and terrestrial, that were located on top of high elevation in the hills of eastern Montana. DeRosa said, “This year we found numerous kinds of turtle shell sections and its bones, many marine creatures along with a triceratops tooth, a possible Duck Bill Dinosaur foot bone, a T. rex tooth and the list goes on. “As the event ended, there was a deep spiritual unity felt in the group and a true fellowship that was generated by the connection found in Christ. For more information on Creation Studies Institute classes and programs, visit

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