Crisis in the White House

Rev. M. Anthony Harper, Ph.D.

White House investigative journalist, InterMountain Christian News

Pictured above standing up against wall in red tie with a mask on. White House press secretary Jennifer Psaki determined to not call on me Monday August 30, 2021.

(WASHINGTON, DC)—A crisis in the White House for me as the principal investigative journalist at the White House regarding Human Rights violations as I’m harassed by other Media at the White House for not being vaccinated even though I am immune to it after recovering from the Covid virus September 30, 2021.

White House journalist Brian Karem for Playboy Magazine has insisted that I be vaccinated even though I’ve expressed no desire to be vaccinated. In addition, Tim Garrity, an ABC News cameraman has also insisted I be vaccinated despite my refusal to be vaccinated and went so far as to mock my faith Friday October 22, 2021 by saying to me “You’re not vaccinated and claim to be a man of God and put everyone’s health here at risk by not being vaccinated.” 

September 30, 2021 White House Press Secretary Jennifer Psaki gives a greeting to me at the beginning of the press briefing that day by saying “Welcome back Dr. Harper’ after I survive the Covid virus and return to the White House press briefings. But, I don’t feel very welcome back now that I’m receiving bills from the White House for daily Covid testing (estimated bills of $10,000 May 2021-October 2021) while other journalists don’t have to pay as they are vaccinated and not required to be tested. Watch White House Press Secretary Jennifer Psaki’s greeting to me at the following YouTube link:

My reporting at the White House is in serious jeopardy as I face being banned entry for not being able to pay Covid virus testing fees. I’ve requested a financial hardship exemption to be granted to waive those testing fees due to my status as an Air Force veteran living below the poverty level with a disability. The White House is not offering any help despite my hardship exemption request.

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