Cross-Country Team Utilizing High-Tech Sports Science

King’s Academy Cross Country TeamThe King’s Academy Cross Country Team is benefitting from a strategic partnership with United Data Technologies to evaluate performance using technology typically only available to professional and college athletes. The schools is using the most advanced wearable health and fitness trackers available in the market that track heart rate, number of steps, calorie burn, skin temperature, perspiration rate, and sleep quality. The devices are wrist-worn and waterproof and capture all of the metrics listed above every 60 seconds.

“Through our partnership with UDT, we are able to capture more than 100,000 data points for our athletes every day,” said TKA Cross Country Coach Bill Mitchell. “This type of sports analytics is pervasive at the professional level, sometimes used at the collegiate level, and rarely, if ever, used at the high school varsity level.”

UDT Chief Technology Officer Daniel Rodriguez said, “We continue to extend different data types to further correlate what could impact an athlete during training so we can one day predictively understand how they might perform on game day.”

The King’s Academy is a private Christian school in West Palm Beach serving approximately 1,300 students from preschool through twelfth grade.

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