Dinosaur Excavation with CSI

Did you know that one of the nation’s leading Creation science research and educational organizations is right here in South Florida? Now, if you hear “CSI Miami,” your first thought probably involves murders, David Caruso, and really bad acting. However, the real CSI close to Miami is the Fort Lauderdale-based Creation Studies Institute. Founded in 1988 by researcher and author Tom DeRosa, CSI’s mission includes “…promoting the biblical foundation of creation so that, ultimately, the lost will be led to their Creator and Christians will become stronger in their faith.” CSI accomplishes this mission through a multifaceted ministry model. DeRosa has authored multiple books providing a wealth of information on and defense for the biblical view of Creation. The ministry has its own Discovery Museum, complete with various bone and fossil materials, designed to educate visitors about the truths of Creation science. CSI offers year-round educational seminars and classes for those seeking to sharpen their knowledge and understanding of the true origins of the earth. CSI also leads trips for interested groups and individuals to go on a hunt for fossils of their own. The ministry leads an annual Ice Age Fossil Float one weekend each spring, which is a family-friendly canoe excursion on the Peace River in Arcadia, Florida.

However, for those seeking a serious archeological adventure, CSI leads their annual Dinosaur Excavation trip to Glendive, Montana for four days and five nights of Creation education and dinosaur discovery. The Montana property where CSI digs is owned by fellow Creation scientist and researcher Otis Kline. Kline heads up the Foundation Advancing Creation Truth (creationtruth.org) and has a large Creation museum of his own not far from the Glendive dig site. DeRosa shares, “This dig site in Montana and the fossils we have found there offer significant and important evidence supporting the biblical view of creation. These fossils all show evidence of a quick burial, consistent with the catastrophic worldwide flood recorded in the book of Genesis.” Additionally, while secular scientists use the method of carbon dating to determine that fossils are “millions” and “billions” of years old, DeRosa explains that carbon dating is extremely inaccurate and unreliable; and the older the fossil the more unreliable carbon dating gets. As such, evolutionary scientists relying on carbon datingto determine the age of the earth is extremely problematic. DeRosa explains, “A T-Rex bone was found in the same Hell Creek Formation [in Glendive, Montana] where we dig. Although fossilized on the outside, this bone still had soft marrow inside, consistent with an age of thousands of years and not millions. This was a very significant find, corroborated by secular scientists, and supports the Creationist belief that the earth is only 6,000 years old as opposed to billions as evolutionists teach.”

If you are interested in joining others from all around the country on this hunt for the remains of T-Rex, Triceratops and more, the next Dinosaur Excavation trip to Glendive is taking place from July 16-20, 2012. There is still time to register for those interested in participating. Or, if a last minute trip to Montana isn’t exactly practical for you, consider checking out all that CSI has to offer locally. The Discovery Museum (on Cypress Creek Road in Fort Lauderdale) is open for free tours every Saturday, and CSI hosts low-cost monthly educational events for both children and adults. Lastly, as a 501c3 organization, CSI is always grateful for support from those who believe in their mission. Donations can be made quickly and easily online. To make a donation, or for more information on all that CSI has to offer, visit creationstudies.org, email [email protected], or call 954-771-1652.

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