Dolphins cheerleader teaches dance

For Ariann and Eddy Denison, starting a dance studio was not a simple business venture; it was a way to give the community a place to get a taste of enduring Christian values. Their dance studio, The Studio in Davie, was birthed from Ariann’s childhood dream of opening a dance studio. She says she always wanted to be a role model to influence children in a positive way.

So, she and her husband opened up The Studio on Sept. 13, 2007. The Studio offers ballet, jazz, tap, lyrical, modern, hip hop, musical theater and advanced technique classes. Ariann brings a unique blend of gifts and talents from her background as a professional dancer as well as a Miami Dolphins cheerleader from 2005–2009.

The Studio offers a liturgical class which integrates Christian music with dance. By incorporating this style of dance into The Studio’s recitals, the truth of God’s Word is performed for diverse audiences.

“Part of our recital theme last year included a dance called ‘Faith,'” stated Ariann. “A few of the Christian kids that take liturgical performed to a Christian song. The Studio is not ‘secular’ because that means it’s without God, but it is a part of the world.”

A unique blend of students from different cultures and religions also attend classes at The Studio. This has given the Denisons the opportunity to share their faith in a practical way.

“You can share the Gospel by sharing God’s truth, not just preaching salvation,” says Denison.

“God’s Word doesn’t return void, and I teach God’s truth to my students.”

She believes that dance has the power to influence diverse cultures and can be a platform to share Christ in a tangible way.

The Studio offers a unique “Pro Cheer” class, incorporating dance in the style of professional cheerleading. This style is not offered by any other dance school in the nation.

“I was a Miami Dolphins Cheerleader,” says Denison “My inspiration came from that, of course, but also because I had been a dancer and a cheerleader all my life.”

Pairing dance moves with cheerleading and stunting makes this unique class very popular.

“It is a very unique style only the NFL has,” she adds. “I love it!”

Students perform in various venues and events including malls, nursing homes, Dolphins games, Heat games, the Broward Center for the Performing Arts and Disney World. The Studio has experienced steady growth over the past two years as it has built its dance program on moral values and integrity.

“It’s your entire life,” adds Ariann. “Unlike a regular school teacher, we are involved in their lives and grow with them. Performing arts is intense.”

From professional cheerleading to her own private studio, Ariann has shared the Gospel through her love for Jesus and her passion for dance.

“People fall in love with His truths and fall in love with Him,” she says. “My testimony shocks them!

I tell the older girls that I didn’t have my first drink until I was 25, I never went to a club in college, and I kept myself pure until marriage. This shocked the Miami Dolphins cheerleaders, too!”

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