Elev8Life Alumni Brings TLT Club to Purpose Academy

Heaven’lee Belknap speaks with students at Purpose Academy in Pompano Beach.

Heaven’lee Belknap trail-blazed the first ever TLT Club at Purpose Academy in Pompano Beach.  Heavenly, a Tomorrow’s Leaders Today (TLT) alumni, took on Dr. Andrea Hazim’s challenge to launch a club in which classmates would practice values and principles of serving leadership that make an impact in their world. 

Elev8Life for Tomorrow’s Leaders

It’s exciting to see young leaders form a community of TLT to help each other resist and overcome today’s “common culture,” which constantly demands their allegiance. TLT Club members proudly wear their IMPACT TEAM shirts that proclaim: “We aren’t the next. We are the now. We aren’t the future. We are the present. We are not just serving for a brighter tomorrow. We are leading for a better today. We are TLT, TOMORROW’S LEADERS TODAY! The #TLTMovement also launched a podcast to spread TLT Club impact and activate thousands of young leaders locally, nationally and globally.

The Elev8Life educational foundation’s summer training is called TLT Conference (formerly iDENTIFY IMPACT Leadership Intensive) and it is undoubtably a game changer for teens. Those who attend TLT CON or plug into the #TLTMovement, have the rare opportunity to experience exponential social, emotional and spiritual growth! 

Learn more at www.TLTMovement.com or call 954-673-1174.

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