Employers Recognized by Arc Works

Some of the Arc Broward Business Advisory Council. Left to Right: Jody Ellis, Andrew Garnett, Jack Goldberg, Sean Donato, Marko Evans (back), Jim Fondo, Adam Corin (back), Renata Fuller, Simone Higgins, Marcus Amos.

Arc Broward’s Arc Works Business Advisory Council hosted their second annual Employer Appreciation event at Matchbox Sawgrass on October 29. The event is held to show appreciation to all of their employer partners who hire Arc Works participants and help change perspectives in the working community of Broward Country. 

Arc Broward’s Arc Works program is currently partnered with over 45 companies such as Fresh Market and Fed-Ex. Companies like these are leading the way in diversifying workplaces and changing the perspective of how individuals with disabilities and other life challenges are viewed in our professional community of Broward County. All employer partners and supporters received a certificate showing Arc Broward’s appreciation. 

Two employee-partners, Fed-Ex and Hoerbiger, won the Cloud 9 Collaborator 2019 Award. The award is given to companies who are skilled in the art of job matching, collaboration, strategic planning and partnering. The company also has a calming influence, understanding nature and uses gentle vocal encouragement and business acumen for positive relationship outcomes.

For more than 62 years Arc Broward has worked hand-in-hand with our community, changing how people with disabilities and other life challenges are embraced and included. For information, visit arcbroward.com.

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