Evangelical Group Encouraging Americans to Embrace Immigrant Neighbors

With the influx of refugees and immigrants from all over the globe flooding into the U.S., Jesus Film Project ® is hoping to create a shift in the way Christians approach their new neighbors this Christmas by encouraging them to open their hearts and boldly share the love of Christ through The “JESUS” Film. To do that, Jesus Film Project is making “JESUS,” the most watched film in history according to The Guinness Book of World Records, available through a special Christmas Promotion allowing individuals to purchase 100 DVD’s at the cost of $1 each.
Immigrants, including refugees fleeing war-torn and impoverished countries, now make up 26 percent of the overall U.S. population. Couple that with the Breitbart Poll that suggests that at least 52 percent of Americans believe that accepting refugees will make them less safe, it is clear that a large concentration of Americans have reservations about welcoming immigrants into their neighborhoods. Jesus Film Project is asking for Christians to set aside those fears and reach out to new families who are in such dire need of hope this season.

“By offering immigrant families a genuine welcome and getting to know who they are, not just the stereotypes being displayed in the media, it helps break down the walls fear so quickly builds,” said Josh Newell, Communications Director at Jesus Film Project. Jesus is respected among many religions and given his birth is the reason for Christmas, this is the perfect time to share about the importance of his life and death. ”

Jesus Film Project provides several tools for people to share the Gospel with their neighbors including The “JESUS” Film, which is now available in more than 1,400 languages on DVD and Blu-ray, and is a faithful depiction of Christ’s birth, ministry, death and resurrection as told in the biblical account from the Gospel of Luke.

In addition, the Jesus Film Project App, available on IOS or Android, also offers the full-length version of The “JESUS” Film, and additional tools such as “Magdalena,” a film that specifically addresses JESUS’ ministry toward women, and “The Story of JESUS for Children.”

“We want to equip people to go out and spread the message of Christ’s love this season,” said Newell. “Despite our fears, we should always remember that Jesus commanded us to share the Good News, and now that the mission field has come to our back door, we have a greater responsibility more now than ever to follow that commandment.”

For more information on where to purchase the DVD’s of The “JESUS” Film, visit christmasJESUSdvd.org.

The “JESUS” film was envisioned by Bill Bright, co-founder of Cru, and was produced in cooperation with The Genesis Project. Jesus Film Project continues to carry out Bright’s vision of showing this film to people in every country of the world. For more information on Jesus Film Project, go to www.JESUSfilm.org.

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