Evolution Problems: Part 2

Evolution ProblemsLast month I listed the enormous scientific problems with evolution as it related to living things. Our conclusion was that biological evolution failed in the area of science. It cannot explain the origins of extreme complexity in living systems nor can it account for DNA, the language of life that contains an overwhelming stabilizing force. This force retains “kind,” the term used in Genesis to describe different groups of closely related organisms such as the dog kind or the cat kind. By not allowing upward and ever more complex changes, these factors completely defy evolution’s ultimate end of “molecules to men.” Biological evolution fails in every respect, especially in their admission that they cannot even agree on how it works.

The cosmos carries its own intrigue and everybody is welcome to put their own spin on it. In 1980, Carl Sagan (1934-1996), an American astronomer and science populist, brought us a 13-part PBS TV series called Cosmos: A Personal Voyage. This award-winning program caught the attention of 500 million viewers from 60 countries. Intriguing graphics, picturesque scenes, along with poetic, mystifying language, brought home to all of its viewers that the cosmos created our very being. Sagan narrated, “The cosmos is also within us, we’re made of star-stuff. We are a way for the cosmos to know itself.”

Sagan’s legacy is forever connected to this series and its materialistic Big Bang cosmology. This type of thinking eliminates God from the equation by elevating all the material and energy in the universe to a new level. After all, Carl Sagan told us, “The cosmos is all there is, all there ever was, and all there ever will be.”

This kind of materialistic thinking fails drastically, especially when it is applied to the dynamic universe in which we live. From the tiniest molecules to gigantic galaxies, everything is moving at enormous speeds. For example, if the earth were to stop rotating, you and I would be ejected at 1,000 miles per hour (mph). This is 1.3 times faster than the speed of sound! In addition to the speed of the earth’s rotation, we have the revolution of earth moving 67,000 mph around the sun. That is moving faster than any bullet can travel. Couple this with the fact that our own Milky Way Galaxy is hurtling through the cosmos at 1.2 million mph and an entirely naturalistic and materialistic explanation for the cosmos becomes almost laughable.

The great English physicist and mathematician, Sir Isaac Newton, is considered the most influential scientist of all time. When faced with the problem of where all this heavenly movement came from, he pointed to a divine intelligence. He credited the Creator of the universe, stating, “This most beautiful system of sun, planets, and comets could only proceed from the counsel and dominion of an intelligent and powerful being.” Unlike Sagan and many other modern-day cosmologists, this notable genius concluded that only the Creator could be the source for the entire universe.

Evolutionary cosmology puts everything, including the origin of all the matter and energy, at one point in time and space. They tell us that everything in the known universe was at one time compressed into a solitary cosmic seed many billions of times smaller than a proton. For some undetermined reason, allegedly 13.7 billion years ago, the universe started to expand and it continues to spread today. The initial conditions of the Big Bang origin of the universe have never been observed. The theory was contrived after observing that the universe was expanding. This was coupled with what was thought to be the heat energy left over from the Big Bang. Creationists explain that with his infinite power, God could easily spin and expand the universe to the point at which we observe it today.

The scriptures address this type of cosmic expansion without resorting to the Big Bang. Psalm 104.2 states, “Who covers yourself with light as with a garment: who stretches out the heavens like a curtain.” Only God can bend or stretch space, speed up the cosmic clocks and create a universe so that all can see his glory. As the true meaning of Psalms 19:1 indicates, “The heavens proclaim the glory of God. The skies display his craftsmanship.”
The universe does not have sufficient matter and energy to account for all the motion of the heavenly bodies. Astronomers have calculated that 95 percent of the matter and energy in the known universe is missing! Big Bang cosmologists are puzzled by this. Astronomer David Cline attempted to describe the problem in the March 2003 edition of Scientific American. In an article entitled, “The Search for Dark Matter,” Cline’s introductory remarks state,
“The unverse around us is not what it appears to be… The motions of this visible material reveal that it is mere flotsam on an unseen sea of unknown material. We know a little about that sea. The terms we use to describe its components, ‘dark matter’ and ‘dark energy,’ serve mainly as expressions of our ignorance.”

Perhaps the evolutionary cosmologists, with their myriad speculations, are overlooking the obvious. After all, their estimates of the number of stars in the universe has ballooned from billions and billions in the days of Carl Sagan to the of the Hubble telescope’s conservative estimate of 100-200 billion galaxies (some say up to one trillion galaxies) with an estimated 100-200 billion stars per galaxy. The largest galaxies (called ellipticals) can contain 100 trillion stars! The heavens are truly declaring the glory of our heavenly Father. It is our Creator and Savior who has spackled the universe with trillions of stars stretching out in infinite space, thereby demonstrating his awesome glory and power.

When we attempt to understand the universe, there is a need to humble ourselves as we look up to the heavens. Only then will the real purpose of the starry hosts be revealed. As the prophet Isaiah 40:26 declared, “Lift up your eyes and look to the heavens: who created all these? He who brings out the starry host one by one and calls them each by name. Because of his great power and mighty strength, not one of them is missing.”

Tom DeRosa is the Executive Director and Founder of Creation Studies Institute, He is an author, teacher, and sought out speaker with a passion to equip other believers with the tools needed to refute the lies of evolution. Tom can be reached at [email protected].

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