Ex-pornographer uses Internet for gospel

Godbeat Media Group has announced the official launch of Godbeat.tv, a family-friendly environment akin to YouTube. Users can upload and share videos and personal stories. They can create profiles and video blogs and share homemade footage of their band and other artists, their church and youth groups, and so forth. But unlike YouTube and similar video-sharing websites, President Jeff Myers of Godbeat.tv says consumers will not have to worry about content.

“Every single video uploaded will be screened by a live person at the time it is uploaded,” says Myers. “We will make sure every video on Godbeat.tv is 100% safe for its viewers. Users can also flag videos they feel are inappropriate as a further level of safety.”

Additionally, Godbeat.tv offers a full HD player with the fastest upload and encoding times available in the marketplace. Users can also upload and select an “as is” aspect ratio, which means videos won’t be altered to fit the player. Users can choose from three standard-size embed players or, with a simple code edit, can make the player any size they like, fitting it into any website, blog or social network site.

Myers first launched Godbeat.com in the spring of 2008 on a personal mission of redemption. For seven years, Myers was one of the top 10 producers of online pornography in the United States, producing 2.8 million registered images and thousands of hours of adult video. Though his business brought him great wealth, it also led to his self-destruction. On April 13, 2006, a tip from one of Myers’ employees led police to raid Myers’ home, and subsequently to arrest him on drug charges. During his eight-month criminal trial, Myers attended a Christian campground that he had visited in his youth. He recommitted his life to God. Myers spent a year in prison and began to lay the groundwork for what would become Godbeat Media Group.

“Part of my personal mission for Godbeat Media Group is that the content be something uplifting, opening people’s hearts while keeping their minds pure,” says Myers. “The Internet is filled with places that pollute people’s minds, and I am committed to creating websites that stand as the antithesis of those. For years, I dumped garbage into millions of homes, and now I want to replace all that with the positive message of the Gospel. I am living proof that the Gospel message of love and forgiveness, regardless of a person’s past, is absolute truth.”

Since its launch in early 2008, Godbeat Media Group has experienced tremendous growth of its first property, Godbeat.com. Godbeat.com features exclusive artist interviews, videos and live streaming concert events, along with up-to-date Christian music industry News, artist releases, reviews and more. Godbeat.com connects fans with their favorite artists in a personal way, using multiple media platforms. Godbeat Media Group also hosts “Godbeat LIVE,” an exclusive monthly concert series streamed live from various Nashville venues. Godbeat LIVE features performances from nationally known artists, as well as independent Christian artists and bands. Although the series is just getting started, it has already drawn as many as 14,000 viewers. Godbeat Media Group is working on a Christian reality show, as well as a major Christian music festival to be announced in early 2010.

For more information visit, www.Godbeat.tv.

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