Faith Farm Alumni Share Testimonies at Homecoming

Mike Brown speaks at the Faith Farm Homecoming

Every year for the last 68 years, Faith Farm Ministries has held the Annual Alumni Homecoming Event. On March 3, nearly 1,000 students, alumni, staff and families convened to celebrate what God has done through Faith Farm’s Regeneration Recovery program. Four Alumni shared their powerful stories with the crowd.

First, Marc Murphy, the Okeechobee Campus Intake Counselor has continued after graduation and remains a valued team member 19 years later.

Second, Joni Mangum, graduated from the Women’s program in 2012. Joni will soon complete her Certification as a Substance Abuse Counselor, seeking a bachelor’s degree in psychology with concentration in Addiction and Recovery. She was also recently married.

Third, Jeremy Scott was called to the road of a Pastor after graduation. He now teaches a Sunday School Class for the Boynton men and is close to getting his bachelor’s degree in Pastoral Counseling. He will fulfill a lifetime dream of enlisting in the Army Officer’s Training after which he will serve as an Army Chaplain.

Since graduating, Christa Hicks achieved a master’s degree from Liberty University and is a licensed mental health counselor. A trafficking victim, she founded a grassroots anti-trafficking organization called One More Child, part of Into the Jordan Ministry, all providing direct services to adult trafficking survivors.

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