Fall Films You Won’t Want To Miss

Don't Miss FilmsFlight
Flight, starring Denzel Washington and Don Cheadle, is the story of airline Captain William Whitaker, played by Washington, who manages a seemingly impossible emergency landing after some sort of midair disturbance forces the plane down. Against all odds, Whitaker manages to save the lives of his passengers. When he awakens in his hospital bed, he discovers the media frenzy that his heroic actions have stirred up. He has become a national hero overnight. Reporters want his story, photographers want his picture; it becomes a true media circus. But when a post-crash blood test reveals that Whitaker had alcohol in his system at the time of the crash, the media frenzy turns into a firestorm. Every area of his life is called into question, and he is forced to come to terms with the problems he is hiding. No one is sure, if in the end, the pilot will receive a medal or a prison sentence. Delivering a riveting story of how personal struggles can affect the lives of others, and how it is possible to rise above those struggles, Flight looks like a compelling and relatable film. Flight will be released on November 2.

Argo, which is based on a true story, is directed by the film’s lead actor, Ben Affleck. The film is set during the Iranian hostage crisis of 1979 when Iranian militants stormed the American embassy in Tehran, taking over 50 hostages. In the midst of the chaos, six embassy workers manage to escape out of a rear exit, and seek refuge in the home of the Canadian ambassador. If found by militant forces, they will all be killed, so they can do little more than hide and hope that the American government will find a way to get them out of the country. The CIA puts together a plan to disguise these 6 refugees as a Canadian film crew for a fake movie called “Argo,” and provides them with safe passage out of Iran. Many may choose to write this film off because it is directed by Affleck. However, Affleck has shown his directorial skills with such films as The Town, and Gone Baby Gone. Argo is already generating a lot talk in the Oscar community, so this is one movie you may want to see when it is released October 12.

Lincoln, directed by Steven Spielberg and starring Daniel Day-Lewis (There Will Be Blood, Gangs Of New York) as Abraham Lincoln, takes place during the final arduous months of the Civil War and of Lincoln’s life. This was one of the darkest times in our nation’s history, America had been torn in half; this was a war of ethics as much as it was about economics, and more than half a million Americans would be dead before it was over. This movie gives us a unique view into Lincoln’s struggle to make the right decisions, and to create policies that would end the war and ultimately reunite the nation. With Spielberg at the helm, we can expect this to be an incredible picture of our 16th president. There is little doubt that this film will be one of the big Oscar contenders of the year. Don’t miss Lincoln, which is slated for release on November 16.

Wreck-It Ralph
Wreck-It Ralph is the latest animated film from Disney, and introduces us to rather unusual character: Ralph. Ralph is the villain in a classic arcade game. His job is simple; try to destroy a building while his nemesis tries to repair the damage and destruction he causes. Ralph has been wrecking buildings for the last 30 years, but he’s tired of always being the bad guy. He doesn’t feel like he belongs in his game anymore, so he decides to abandon his post to see what else is out there. Ralph embarks on journey that will take him through a wide variety of game types and genres, all in an attempt to try and discover who he really is and where he belongs. There seems to be no shortage of classic game references in the film. Parents with memories of their own childhood gaming experiences will likely enjoy this film as much as their children. This movie looks like one of those rare gems that will be fun for the whole family, check it out November 2.

Life of Pi
Life Of Pi, Based on the best-selling novel by Yann Martel, is the story of an Indian boy named Pi. The son of a zookeeper, Pi is on a ship with a variety of wild animals traveling across the ocean when a terrible storm overtakes their ship. The ship is being torn apart by the wind and waves, so Pi escapes on one of the lifeboats. However, Pi soon discovers that he is not alone on this boat. He is, in fact, floating in the Pacific Ocean with a zebra, a hyena, an orangutan and a fully grown Bengal tiger. They are all fighting for survival out on the sea, but is there a chance that they can somehow come to accept, and perhaps even rely on one another for their survival? The answer may not be quite what you expect in this fantastic story. The visuals will be a huge draw for most moviegoers, as they appear to be nothing short of stunning; taking on an almost dream-like quality as the film moves between being set clearly in reality, yet at other times shifting into fantasy. Life of Pi hits theaters on November 21.

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