Father-Daughter Dance Makes Memories

IMG_6696On Saturday night, Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church was transformed into a bustling dance hall filled with fathers escorting their daughters dressed to the nines in their favorite glittering gowns. Overflowing the dance floor, hundreds of fathers danced for hours with their daughters.  Sounds of laughter emanated the room as many fathers illustrated God’s love by creating long-lasting memories with their daughters.

These little girls grow up constantly being told stories of princesses and their rescuers. While these stories are fairytales, Saturday night brought a little bit of that magic to life. Whether taking a silly photo or performing an uncoordinated dance move, fathers do whatever it takes to see their daughters smile. As fathers, there are never enough opportunities to spend time with each special daughter that God has entrusted to them.  These girls grow up so quickly. The Father-Daughter Dance was a night that reminded these girls how unique and precious they are not only to their earthly fathers, but more importantly to their Heavenly Father.

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