Fifth Annual Broward County Pastor Protection Conference hosted by Christian Family Coalition

The Christian Family Coalition Florida hosted the most successful ever Pastor Protection Conference in Broward County on September 23rd.


Over 100 ministers of the gospel of Jesus Christ heard from influential speakers such as Evangelist and Florida State Representative Kimberly Daniels, Broward County Sheriff Gregory Tony, Dr. Asonia Smith, and COMIB President Dr. Ruth Villamizar.  These influential men and women of God spoke on three powerful themes: diversity, mobilization and unity.


Broward County Sheriff Gregory Tony

Broward Sheriff Tony spoke on the various safety and diversity measures being implemented by his department to reflect the community they serve, we thank him for his service, Florida State Representative Kimberly Daniels discussed the Black Robe Regimen and how the American Revolutionary war started from the pulpits of our churches and how we have to reclaim that same spirit today in the fight for religious liberty in Florida!


Finally, Dr. Asonia Smith and Dr. Ruth Villamizar stressed the need for Christians in Broward to mobilize and unite under the banner of freedom and equality for people of faith.


This is a particularly important message given the fact that the city of Fort Lauderdale recently passed a Jim Crow-like discriminatory ban on Christian counseling for minors struggling with unwanted homosexual urges and transsexual confusion.


Florida State Senator Daphne Campbell, candidate for State Senate District 35 and Dennis Hinds, candidate for State House District 102, also participated in the event.


Anthony Verdugo

CFC Florida issued the following statement: “We thank the 100+ pastors who joined us for our 2019 Broward County Pastor Protection Conference, our largest and most successful ever.  We are especially proud of the diverse ministers who joined us from the African-American, Haitian, Jamaican, Hispanic and Messianic Jewish communities.  However, despite the ethnic and cultural diversity, we can all agree that we must all have a strong, representative voice in both our local and state government for faith, family and freedom.”


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