Porn Kills Love: Fight the New Drug Events Planned

FTNDLive the Life, an organization dedicated to changing young lives and strengthening marriages, will host a Community Conversation for adults only entitled “Fight the New Drug” on March 30 at Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church. Students are invited to their own presentation on March 31st at First Baptist Church Fort Lauderdale to discuss how “porn kills love” and to encourage students to “fight for love.”

Lisa May, vice president of Live the Life in South Florida, said students on average are now being exposed to pornography around the ages of 7 to 9-years-old, and studies have shown pornography can be highly addictive.

Stanford University psychologist Dr. Al Cooper dubbed online pornography “the crack cocaine of sexual addiction,” pointing to its accessibility, affordability and anonymity as key factors to its insidious nature.

The issue of teenagers addicted to pornography is larger than most people realize, and education is the best form of protection.


The program

Fight the New Drug, a non-profit organization, has developed science-based, relevant presentations that engage students of all ages in school assemblies, church and community groups with the goal to educate people regarding porn and its harmful effects. The presentations are described as “the perfect combination of humor, powerful stories, compelling statistics and high quality media.”

Clay Olsen, co-founder/ceo of Fight the New Drug, said, “The whole idea of Fight the New Drug is to help young people make educated decisions on the topic of porn. To change the conversation from ‘dude check this out’ to ‘dude that’s not cool and here’s why.’”

During a recorded presentation, Olsen tells teens, “You’ve learned that using drugs can actually mess you up. Simple. Done. We’re going through a very similar lesson regarding pornography. You see when someone views pornography it enters through the eyes. You don’t need to remember much, but at least remember this: the reward pathway. Inside of each of our brains we have this reward pathway and when we do something cool – something we enjoy or like – whether it be out with friends, playing sports or music —  if it’s drawing, when you draw pleasure chemicals are released between those neuro-connectors and its like this is amazing. I want to keep doing this. This is good, this is healthy. This is normal. But here’s the kicker: This part of the brain can be hijacked. And over time as you keep feeding it these behaviors or these substances, your brain rewires itself, changes and alters to the point where to just feel normal you need more of what you’ve been feeding it, more often and in a more hard core version.”

The program is very scientifically based on the affects of pornography, and points to studies showing it can lead to anxiety, depression, compulsion and sometimes illegal behavior, but ultimately porn kills love. That’s the overarching message.


Impacting the brain, heart & world

On their website,, you will find scientific articles showing that porn is harmful not only to our brains but to the concept of love and our entire world.

It affects the brain like a drug, changes the brain, can become addictive, affects your sexual tastes, and develops into an escalating behavior.

Porn impacts the heart because it leaves you lonely. The more pornography a person consumers, the harder it become fro them to be aroused by a real person or relationship. It can hurt your partner, as several studes have found that partners of porn users report feeling loss, betrayal, mistrust, devastation and anger. It damages your sex life since porn often leads to less sex and less satisfying sex. It is full of lies because in porn everything from the way people look to how and why they have sex is a lie. And it kills love. Research has found that after men are exposed to pornography, they rate themselves as less in love with their partner.

And porn impacts the word through the porn industry and its dark secrets. It can lead to violence, warps ideas about sex, can harm families, and is changing fast to contain harder and harder material.


Find out more

Live the Life is hosting a signature event for the public at large on the evening of March 30 at Coral Ridge Church geared towards adults and parents on how to talk to youth about porn. And a presentation for youth will be held on March 31 at First Baptist Church of Fort Lauderdale.

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