Fighting for the Unborn

Abort has taken up the challenge of fighting for the unborn children of the world. It is a tough calling, but one that the group feels compelled to carry through.

This organization is a part of Loxafamosity Ministries, Inc. and according to their website, “Abort came about as the ministries response to God’s call to establish justice, expose evil, minster to the needy and helpless and extend love to every human being.”

Abort 73 aims to reach people – especially high-school and college students. Every day they reach thousands by using the internet through their website, Facebook, MySpace, YouTube and Twitter. The ministries main goal is to teach students about the reality of abortion, from a biblical perspective.

According to Abort, their name originated because they, “took the word ‘abortion’ and shortened it to ‘abort’- which can either mean to have an abortion, or more generally, to terminate an operation or procedure. Next, we took the year in which the U.S. Supreme Court struck down all state prohibitions against abortion, 1973, and shortened it to ’73’. When put together you can look at the name in two ways. Either it is an abbreviation of Abortion 1973, or it is a resource to help ‘abort’ (terminate) the fallout of that 1973 verdict. Both work and both were in view when the name was chosen.”

Abort lists many compelling reasons to oppose abortion – here are some of the most convincing ones: According to medical evidence, during the time of fertilization, a new human being is born. While in the womb, the systems of this new human being are set by eight weeks of age. As maintained by the Abort Webpage, “developing humans in the womb have an intrinsically personal nature and even demonstrate ‘personality’ in many of the same ways that newborn babies do.” The Hippocratic Oath was established for the preservation of human life- in its original state the oath bans both abortion and euthanasia. While abortion is not directly referred to in the Bible, scripture speaks abundantly about both born and unborn children.

In order to reform the existing laws regarding abortion, people need to be educated about what abortion really involves. As the Abort 73 Website states, “In the short run, education spares individual lives. In the long run, it can reform an entire culture.” Abort 73 appeals to student pastors in hopes to reach young people with the injustice of abortion, and to help be a witness against it. College students can join the Abort 73 Campus Blitz. This “Campus Blitz” is a week-long campaign to make their college aware of the reality of abortion, and to point the students towards Abort One simple and cost-effective means of promotion is to write Abort and their slogans on sidewalks with chalk throughout the school. You can also copy and post Abort 73’s downloadable flyers on bulletin boards.
There are also many other ways to become involved in protecting unborn babies and women who find themselves in an unplanned pregnancy. You can help through education and awareness, direct pregnancy and child care assistance, post-abortion recovery and political activism.

If have become pregnant, and were not planning on it, Abort 73 can provide the help you need and can help find practical alternatives to abortion. If you are dealing with the anguish and guilt of having already been through an abortion, Abort 73 can guide you to one of their trusted ministries that help women find healing. As Christians we are to be the hands and feet of Jesus to a hurting world. We are to shine a light into the darkness. Let us stand up for unborn children and give hope and encouragement to women!

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