Fire Angels: How to start a good fire

Being creative has its advantages, and when creativity is not readily available, one may turn to his or her own forte of choice. George Martos has a different approach: forge ahead with what you know. “I’m not creative-minded, but I’m good at organizing, administrating, and the business end of it all” says the fireman who has headed up Touched by Fire Angels. The reality of it is that he wants to reach out to orphans and place them into loving Christian environments.

“I contacted Focus on the Family and told them I had an idea for helping the Orphan Care Initiative”, a Focus on the Family sponsored cause. “But I didn’t just want to give money, I wanted it to be more of a family gathering with games and a softball game where teams would sign up and compete, with the money going to a worthy cause” says George. “This softball event will be about family fun”.

It would have remained a silent contribution without the attached day of quality time between children and parents sharing with other families, a sort of back-to-family-basics and togetherness event, with a generous ending. George likes sports and can relate well to this type of celebration.

He spoke to Katie Porter, a Focus on the Family representative for authorization to use the name as a sponsorship. So he pitched the idea (pun intended) and within eight weeks received his response.

“It sounds like a great idea, they told me, but they couldn’t provide any resources or manpower due to startup costs and operational expenses.” Lacking support, he was on his own. Ergo, the birth of, organizing, directing, and pulling the event together himself.

“Any team can register to play for $275.00, with the money going to the orphans – and teams are needed. The events themselves are for families without charge; the money is collected from the registration fee for the teams to play” says George.

During our interview, the hopeful idea came up of sports celebrities showing up and signing balls, shirts, and the like for an open raffle, with the winners getting the prize

Grace FM’s Leslie Hurst recently interviewed George on the program and discussed many of the same information released to me during our time together. He’s calling on churches that have organized or would organize a softball team to register with the cause to help the orphans and take part in the rest of the family fun. This is for boys and girls, it is a coed gathering, and everyone is welcome.

The fire department will also be there with fire safety presentations. Make certain to check the website for the softball classic date, because it has changed.

“Our goal is to make the ‘Forever Homes’ softball classic an event that everyone can take part in and enjoy. It’s filled with fellowship and hope. Hope that the orphaned children may find themselves a loving Christian family and a home where they will be safe.”

There are many orphaned children whose families have been struck down by tragedy or who simply were not wanted. This is our chance to build and rebuild those children’s hearts to the point of truly knowing that there are families who would open their doors and shower them with love and comfort as our Lord has called us to do. Bitter fragments and memories can be caressed with kindness to rekindle peace in the hearts and minds of those left with wounds that may never heal.


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