Firewall Centers Grant

Firewall Centers was one of 13 nonprofits in the United States to receive the ABC Be Inspired Community Grant to further creativity. This $5,000 grant funded by Disney will allow the 400+ Firewall students the opportunity to take an active role in creating a yearbook.

The students got to participate in a photo booth, a drawing station and a station to illustrate their favorite Firewall values. The pictures and drawings from the yearbook day will be featured in the Firewall yearbook so the students can remember the wonderful memories they make at Firewall each day!

On a recent yearbook day held at their Bair Middle School center, Bair students are pictured enjoying the photo booth with their mentor!

All 8 Firewall Centers will be given the time to create their own individual pieces to be included in the 2015-2016 Firewall yearbook. Items added will include photographs taken by the students of their peers, their own unique drawings, and written pieces about their Firewall experiences. Throughout the process of creating, Firewall mentors and students have an additional opportunity to continue building relationships that ultimate contribute to each student’s transformation. For information, visit

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