First Priority: Connecting the Church to Reach the Campus for Christ

First Priority  

First-PriorityThree of the largest school districts in the country are right here in South Florida: Miami-Dade County is the 2nd largest, Broward County the 5th and Palm Beach County is the 12th. These are only three of the five counties First Priority serves. Startling evidence shows that 96% of those students do not attend church or show evidence of a personal relationship with Christ, which demonstrates the urgent need for us to meet them where they are — the campus. The greatest influence on a teenager is a peer, so First Priority partners with the local church to equip students to share their faith with their friends on campus. A majority of Christians state that their decision to follow Christ was made by age 18. If we do not equip students to fulfill the Great Commission, we could be only one generation away from catastrophic faith abandonment. First Priority partners with local churches, equipping students, youth pastors and teacher sponsors with a strategy and resources to make a difference on campus. Students are on a nine-month mission trip at school, in their culture – the campus. Read More

School Can Be a 9 Month Mission Trip

The Dominican Republic, Kenya, Colombia, Southeast Asia, Haiti — these are some places that may pop into your head when you think of a mission trip. Mission trips are altruistic endeavors by church groups to provide physical and/or spiritual relief in times of crisis. At First Priority students are equipped for a mission trip to places that desperately need Jesus. It is estimated that where they go 96% of the population is without Jesus. Where’s their destination? The public school campus. If you have gone on a mission trip before, it may have lasted a week, a month or a summer. However, First Priority students are on the mission field for nine months, and they don’t even have to pay for a plane ticket.  Read More

Taking the Gospel into Public Schools

First Priority First Priority clubs exist on over 165 campuses in southern Florida seeking to share the Gospel in public schools. This is done through student-led campus clubs meeting once a week. Many are shocked to hear that First Priority only has 12 paid staff members. A team of twelve staff members network an unpaid volunteer staff of 165 faculty sponsors and well over 125 youth pastors and leaders, who serve as campus coaches for clubs in five counties: Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, Martin, and St. Lucie. Read More

First Priority
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