Fishing Tournament Takes to the Waves for Foster Children

Fishing 13Open seas, smiling faces and the chance to haul in the ‘big catch’ greeted the fishermen of Place of Hope’s first Fish for Hope KDW (Kingfish, Dolphin Wahoo) Tournament on June 25.

The new fundraising event welcomed 41 boats to Sailfish Marina, as competitors fished not only to win fantastic prizes, but also to support individual children in Place of Hope’s care. The winners of the Heaviest Overall Fish was Mike McCormack, who caught a 33-lbs Kingfish for Team Jane.

In each category the first place winners were Team Jane, Mike McCormack, 33 lbs. Kingfish; Team Mikayla, Jason Doyle, 9 lbs. Dolphin; and Team Brian, Max Lichtig, 19.8 lbs. Wahoo.

Second Place winners in each category included Team David, Danny Carroll, 31 lbs. Kingfish; Team Grayson, Rob McCoy, 6.4 lbs. Dolphin; and Team Kim, Emma Paul-Hus, 18.6 lbs. Wahoo.

Third Place winners were Team Kim, Emma Paul-Hus, 9.2 lbs. Kingfish; Team Christina, Chase & Pierce Collum, 6 lbs. Dolphin; and Team Ruby, Mike Simms, 16.9 lbs Wahoo.

“It was a true team effort making our Fish for Hope tournament a success,” said Founding Executive Director Charles Bender.

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