Fitness Trends

As America accelerates toward a world of media that is completely online, the presence of online fitness programs has steadily increased. A gym membership and expensive exercise machines aren’t necessary to work out, train for a marathon or lose weight. Stop hiding behind excuses like, “I don’t have enough money to pay for a gym membership!” and check out the do-it-yourself, in-house fitness programs below that will challenge you just as much – if not more – as the weights and machines at your local gym. All of the following workouts can be completed in the privacy of your home. Grab your sneakers and towel, and save gas, time, and money while getting in shape and caring for God’s temple. Your fitness journey starts now!

CrossFit is a fitness program that is very general and all-inclusive, and is perfect for those who are not looking for a targeted program. Built on sports fundamentals, CrossFit combines basic assorted movements at a high intensity level. A big component of CrossFit is community; the CrossFit organization publishes free content that includes workouts and fitness support on several websites. According to, CrossFit has a worldwide network of more than 5,500 affiliated gyms and more than 35,000 accredited CrossFit Level 1 trainers. For those who want to combine extreme fitness with sports, CrossFit has created the Sport of Fitness, also known as the CrossFit Games, in which people compete to be the Fittest Man and Fittest Woman on Earth. To learn more about CrossFit, visit,, or

P90X is a 90-day fitness program on DVD that aims to “Get you in the best shape of your life.” The program utilizes 12 extreme workouts that combines resistance and body-weight training, martial arts and yoga, cardio, plyometrics, and ab exercises with a nutrition plan, fitness guide and workout calendar. P90X integrates a variety of exercises in order to prevent the body from becoming too used to the routines, which reduces results. Different P90X packages that include DVDs and workout materials are available online. To learn more about P90X and to purchase products, visit

If you’re looking to gain washboard abs, this might be the workout for you. Insanity is a 60-day DVD program that consists of 10 different workouts. It doesn’t require any equipment or weights, just an insurmountable will to overcome the Insanity challenge. Insanity combines long periods of maximum intensity exercises with short periods of rest. The workout claims to burn up to 1,000 calories per hour. Insanity comes with four free gifts – a nutrition plan, a fitness guide, a workout calendar, and online support tools. Additionally, if you complete the challenge and are not content for whatever reason, you can return your DVDs within 60 days for a full refund. For more information, visit

For women that enjoy fun, upbeat workouts, is a website that provides free workout videos, meal plans, recipes, and more to visitors and newsletter subscribers. Choose from a list of workouts that target various areas of the body, and follow along with certified fitness instructor Cassey Ho’s YouTube workouts. Cassey is also the creator of POP Pilates and HIITilates (High Intensity Interval Training). Each workout lasts no longer than 20 minutes and is completely free. Visit to learn more.

Stop putting fitness off until “tomorrow.” Tomorrow never comes. Get motivated today and start on the journey to seeing your goals become a reality!

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