Food for the Poor Donor Gifts Eye Surgery to Girl in Haiti

Food For the PoorA 12-year-old girl will undergo cataract surgery at Bernard Mevs Hospital in Haiti, thanks in part to a local Food For The Poor (FFTP) donor, who has made students’ eye health a priority.
The eye examinations are led by ophthalmologist Brother James Kim from the Catholic order of Kkottongnae, Haiti.
“[The 12-year-old girl] received trauma on her right eye by a thorn three years ago and needs a cataract operation on her eye,” wrote Brother James. “Her left eye is normal, but her right can just sense light. This surgery is more difficult than usual, because trauma caused this, and there are corneal opacity and iris deformation. But I think she will be able to have better vision after surgery.”
The Grand Boulage School, Haiti, has 700 students, and each month 100 students receive an eye examination. After three visits, more than a dozen students have received glasses.
Donor Anthony ‘Tony’ Pestritto, of Boca Raton, will return to the Grand Boulage School, with FFTP representatives to recognize the work of the students. For more information, visit

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