For The Love of Men

Greg Arnold is on a mission – a mission to help men “live boldly” by connecting Christ with every aspect of their daily lives. Shortly after the beginning of this new year, Greg, the founder of Core12 Ministries, launched an innovative and one of a kind e-zine for men – or “men-zine”, as he likes to call it.  The Live Bold e-zine, available at, is breaking through the barriers and issues that have caused many faith-based men’s print magazines to become casualties. Greg’s plan of action included tearing down the walls of old school publishing, such as aging and irrelevant ways of thinking in today’s society and replacing them with an electronic magazine chock full of faith-based, powerful, informative and to-the-point articles that men would gravitate towards. Greg describes the format of the e-zine as, “Articles written about things guys care about. What we’re doing is merging faith into those areas that exist outside of traditional religion – pushing the boundaries and extending faith into those places where men live everyday.” Topics that will be touched on in the magazine embrace favorites of men everywhere – including Technology, Football, Food, the Workplace, Teaching, Life and many more.

Greg began writing years ago in the area of church curriculum, with the hopes of encouraging men. Over time, this lead to blogging and writing for men in other areas, in a way that he describes as “not too churchy”. Then, a little over a year ago, Greg had the idea for Live Bold. “Tactile print products for men are falling off of the shelves and many magazines are folding…quickly – especially in the faith sector. Overall you are seeing a diminished product on the shelf, with men’s sections barely being a tenth of the entire inventory of many stores,” he explains. “The part I wanted to know was why. One major factor is the issue of time. Do people today really have time to sit down to read and do they have the desire to read long form? For the most part, I learned that men do enjoy reading – but they prefer material that is relevant to their interests and faith, and packaged in a precise way that is not preachy.”

“In terms of the Live Bold e-zine, I spent a long time considering how I can make different topics that are of interest to men merge with faith. A lot of research has been coming out discussing how many men are walking away from church, but not away from their faith. So, my goal was creating something that made faith relevant to where a man stands every day – to give them a resource that links faith back into every area of their life,” adds Greg. “Men are visually driven. Live Bold is a place for them to come that is clean, easy to consume, safe and packed with interesting topics.”

In addition to being the main creator, designer/builder of the website, plus serving as one of its head writers, Greg explains how he also was able to pull together a team of other talented writers that would help Live Bold stand out from the rest. “Some of the writers include Paul Coughlin, a published and best selling author. We also have Robert Noland, a newer writer that has an incredible new book out called The Knights Code; Larry Malone, who has been involved in writing for Methodist men for almost fifteen years, in addition to many other male writers,” he shares.

Men can expect each month at to feature a different centralized theme. The new year started off with the theme of “making tough decisions” – focusing on starting the new year off fresh, taking the opportunity to do things over and making the tough decisions in life that need to be made.

“Live Bold is writing that guys will understand. With short, relevant articles that speak to men and the different interests they have, our goal is to help men live out their faith and live it boldly,” he adds.

In addition to all the resources Live Bold offers to men (and the women who are interested in reading it), an added plus to all who want to peruse the site was the decision by Greg to make it free to everyone – that’s right, no subscription or membership required.

So, to the men out there – what are you waiting for? Log on to, and check out some incredible articles…because there is no better time then the present to live out your faith and live bold!

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