Foster Care Month


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SafePlace 4KIDS Provides Comfort to Kids Entering Foster Care

When crisis strikes at home and children are initially removed for their safety and entering the foster care system due to abuse, neglect or abandonment, they experience a flood of emotions. Confusion, fear, anger, grief and uncertainty rush in like a flood as they are often picked up by a police officer at school and must sit in an office beside a caseworker as arrangements are made for their placement with a foster family or in a group home, which can take hours or sometimes days. They may wonder if they are in trouble and could know very little about why they are unable to return to their home. Often all they have with them are the clothes on their back…


Foster Families Needed to Meet the Increasing Influx of Children in Crisis

In the past two years, Broward and Palm Beach counties have experienced such a large increase in the number of children being removed from their homes due to abuse, abandonment and neglect that the need for new foster families is arguably reaching crisis levels, according to some providers…


Transitional Living Programs Promote Success for Young Adults Aging Out of Foster Care

Sitting in the front row at Riverside Church during a foster parent conference in April, Huram Joseph nodded in agreement as Dr. Karyn Purvis, director of the Institute of Child Development at Texas Christian University, cautioned against harsh parenting…



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