Fun Games, Character Values & Jesus How churches are reaching kids from the safety of home

A club meeting hosted by Teagan Nicks, Children’s Director, at First Baptist Church of Fort Lauderdale.

Churches have a great opportunity to continue reaching kids through FP Gameday Virtual clubs. The clubs present Games, Character values and The Gospel for 3rd – 5th graders every week through a Zoom club.

Gameday Director, Brody Howell, shares the Pandemic Pause to Pivot. “We were five days from launching school clubs when everything shut down. So, we paused to pray and then pivoted toward church hosted Zoom Clubs.”

Pastor Bernie Diaz from Christ Community Church was thrilled to lead Alexi to Jesus through the club. He shares, “Through FP Gameday we can continue to present the Great Commission through a fun, relational and interactive way.”
Many churches were not prepared for a shut down, but Teagan Nicks, the Children’s Director at First Baptist Fort Lauderdale found the club to be the solution. “Gameday has given our church the opportunity to reach kids in our community.”

Currently FP Game Day Virtual Clubs include 20 minutes of games and activities like Household Scavenger Hunt, Freeze Tag, etc. This Fall, kids will get an even greater experience, with preproduced videos of “The Game Squad” introducing 10 new high energy games and teaching. And Churches will deliver a free pizza to every first-time visitor’s home.

All 3rd -5th graders can attend a club and all churches can host a club once a week.

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