Fun Summer Movies

Fun Summer MoviesSummer is here, and with it comes a season of fun and exciting films. Certainly there are less Oscar-worthy dramas vying for our attention as theaters fill up with action, adventure and comedy genres. These flicks often lean a bit more on flash and fun than depth and substance, but that does not mean they will not make for a great movie experience. We have already seen a few big blockbusters earlier this summer such as Iron Man 3, Star Trek: Into Darkness and Man of Steel, but take a look at what is still in store for July and August:

The Lone Ranger – PG-13
Native American compatriot Tanto tells the story of Jon Reid, and how he went from being a man of the law to a masked vigilante who rides for justice. Directed by Gore Verbinski (Pirates of the Caribbean), The Lone Ranger looks to be a perfect example of a classic summer film; a thin, semi-generic storyline filled with gun fights, chase scenes and yet another of Johnny Depp’s offbeat character performances. Verbinski is well within his element here so we can expect quite a spectacle of fun, albeit slightly mindless adventure. The Lone Ranger hits theaters July 3.

Despicable Me 2 – PG
Reluctant hero Gru has returned again for another adventure. In the first film, he was working to become the worlds greatest super villain, but found out that he wanted to be a great father even more. This time, the Anti-Villain League recruits Gru to help them find and defeat the world’s newest and most dangerous super villain. It will take all of Gru’s wits, gadgets, weapons, and minion to get to the bottom of this mystery and to save the world. This looks like fun for the whole family, though it is rated PG, so it will be up to your discretion to decide of you want to bring the wee little ones along as well. Despicable Me 2 opens in theaters on July 3.

Pacific Rim – PG-13
In the not so distant future, the earth has come under attack from aliens the size of skyscrapers. Our enemies did not come from the sky, but from a dimensional rift that opens beneath the Pacific Ocean. Humans have created giant mechanized warriors called Jaegers in order to fight these massive foes head on. Two human pilots control these machines, who merge their thoughts and memories together in a process called “drifting,” which lets them move and think as one while controlling the Jaeger. Defenders of the human race, they are the only thing standing between us and total destruction. This is the latest film from director Guillermo Del Toro (Pan’s Labyrinth) and looks like it may have some of the best action scenes of any film this summer. Pacific Rim premieres July 12.

Turbo – PG
Turbo the snail has always dreamed of moving faster. His real ambition in life is to win races. A freak accident grants him more speed than he knows what to do with, and suddenly his life-long dreams do not seem so impossible anymore. He sets out win the Indy 500 and makes a few quirky friends along the way, but not everyone is on board with a snail racing in an event meant for cars. He will have to overcome the odds and everyone’s doubts just to compete, and even then, can he really win? This looks like a great animated film for the whole family. Turbo premieres July 17.

The Wolverine – PG-13
We follow our hero Logan to modern-day Japan, where a man offers him the chance to give up his ability to heal any wound, so he can become mortal and, essentially, more human. Logan battles with external enemies to whom he is now more vulnerable than ever, but he also faces the battle that looking inward brings him. After X-Men Origins: Wolverine’s somewhat less than warm reception from fans, there have been more than a few questions as to how this new installment in the story will be received. However, with talent like James Mangold (Walk The Line, 3:10 To Yuma) in director’s chair, it seems perfectly reasonable to expect a solid film. Hugh Jackman has always done the role of Wolverine justice – at least as much justice as the writing would allow him to – so we can hope for a winner here. The Wolverine opens July 26.

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