Get Motivated seminar comes to South Florida

The Get Motivated Business Seminar, which has been touring the country with its high-profile roster of speakers, will be firing up thousands of men and women at the BankAtlantic Center on March 15.

This seminar has gained momentum and quite a reputation over the years. It focuses on teaching individuals, from just about every line of work, how to be successful. It will cover such topics as perseverance, achievement, leadership, teamwork, sales and negotiation, and competitiveness.

Speakers include “America’s Mayor,” Rudy Giuliani, America’s Most Wanted host John Walsh, football great Dan Marino, legendary Microsoft president Rick Belluzo, motivational speaker Zig Ziglar, basketball player Dwyane Wade and Gen. Colin Powell.

Also on the docket is cofounder Tamara Lowe. She, along with her husband Peter, founded the seminar company. They live in South Florida with their two boys. Together, they’ve traveled the globe, motivating many people.

Rocky start
If you had known Tamara Lowe as a teenager, you never would have imagined she’d be a successful seminar speaker, author, wife and mom of two growing boys.

“At age 10, I was doing drugs,” she recalls, speaking at Christ Fellowship Church in Palm Beach Gardens.

“At age 12, I was dealing.”

Lowe dropped out of school, leaving with only an eighth-grade education. She spent the following decade going from one high to the next.

“At age 17, I got a Bible for Christmas,” she says. “I thought that was the most stupid gift to give a drug addict, but I felt like I should read a little. I opened the book of John.”

Within three weeks, she had read the entire New Testament, and says she was doing drugs while reading.
“I thought, ‘This is true, I believe it.’ Then a miracle took place: All addictions fell off me.”

Lowe says the power of God dramatically transformed her life. After having made such a powerful U-turn, she imagined she’d work the rest of her life with drug addicts and the down-and-outers.

“Instead, I find myself working with the up-and-outers. They have fame, money, respect – but they are still empty.”

The Lowes want to teach people how to be successful, by knowing they’ll be their best with the help of God.

The lineup of motivating speakers
Rudy Giuliani gained a global audience as New York City’s mayor, following the devastation of Sept. 11. Providing leadership for New York City was a big-enough challenge in itself, yet leading during such a crisis took tremendous leadership skills. He’ll be speaking on how to lead during trying times.

John Walsh, creator of America’s Most Wanted, who became a champion of child abductees after losing his own son several years ago in South Florida, will speak on a variety of topics related to sharpening one’s skills and thinking ability.

Gen. Colin Powell, the legendary statesman, is a four-star general with powerful political positions listed on his resume. He has experienced leadership at the highest level and will be speaking about taking charge and forming winning alliances.

Dan Marino, Hall of Fame quarterback for the Miami Dolphins, has seen great success on and off the football field. He’ll give a play-by-play on leading a winning team.

Rick Belluzzo, former Microsoft president and chief operating officer, produced outlandish profits for his company. He’ll be sharing his key strategies for delivering amazing results.

Dwyane Wade is the popular NBA player who led the Miami Heat to their first NBA Championship in franchise history. He’ll be talking about using the competition to one’s advantage, and how to score big and often.

Get Motivated, a best seller
Tamara Lowe’s Get Motivated is a best seller, and her first book about personal and professional development.

“The book includes so much information about being successful in business, and people are also coming to Christ through the book,” she says.

Proceeds from the book are given to a variety of charities and ministries.

At the end of the Get Motivated seminars, Lowe shares some of her personal testimony and tells the audience it wouldn’t be professional of her to share her secrets to success without including her number-one secret: her relationship with Christ.

She ends her speech by rapping, telling a story and referring to the fact that TV shows and celebrities are never going to give us what we’re looking for. A portion sounds like this:

I don’t care if you’re J-Lo,
Leno or Bono
One thing you gotta know
Some day you’re gonna die bro
So where ya gonna go?
Here’s the bottom line of my rhyme
Give your life to God
While there’s still time.

According to Lowe, at Get Motivated business seminars last year, 32,000 people decided to follow Christ.

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