Getting Better with Age

Dr. Mike Rozenblum

I am not a big drinker, but I have heard it said a time or two that certain wines get better with age. In fact, I did a little research and found out that some bottles can sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Many things get better with age if they last long enough. After a few decades, cars, boats and motorcycles actually go up in value. Even toys can be more expensive over time. However, these “classics” or “antiques” go up in value mostly because they have been so well maintained. Well, what about you? What is happening as you age? I see some patients who appear totally unaffected by time. Youth and vitality seem to be their hobby. Others… well, not so much.

The truth is all of us are heading in a direction we don’t often care to envision. Past our early twenties, the human body peaks in most categories and begins a process which ultimately results in death. Yes, 100 percent of us will eventually die. Sadly, some will do so prematurely. Disease, accidents and trauma are out of our control. We live in a broken world and things happen. However, as long as we have breath in our lungs, we have a responsibility to those around us to take care of ourselves and slow down the process as much as possible. Here is a list of the top 5 things you can do to age gracefully, no matter what season of life you are in.


     1. Exercise

This one always gets a bad rap. Some make exercise seem like a terrible and boring thing. Exercise means to use something. So, move it. Your mind, your heart and your body. Just move doing the things you love to do most. We live in Florida. Get out and enjoy.


  1. Eat Well

Not as in quantity but more like quality. Here is a good rule of thumb: If God made it, then it’s probably good to eat it. I don’t see any “Twinkie Trees” or “Snickers Bushes,” so stay away from too many sweets and too much processed or fried. Also, remember to drink A LOT of water.  


  1. No Smoking, Excess Drugs or Booze

In case you don’t have a television or have been napping for the last 50 years, cigarettes are bad for you. Even the fancy new kind. We also have a drug epidemic in our country. Especially those distributed illegally. Make sure to consult with your doctor anytime you add or delete any drug. There’s nothing wrong with the fruit of the vine, but abusing alcohol usually leads to problems. So everything in moderation.


  1. Sleep

How healthy did you feel the last time you went to bed too late or woke up too early? Sleep is the time when the body repairs. Everyone requires a slightly different number of hours. You know you’ve slept enough when you wake up feeling rested. I am also a huge fan of frequent 10-15 minute naps.


  1. PMA

Positive Mental Attitude. I submit to you that stress shortens lives. Next time you look in the mirror, be grateful that you can stand and even look in the mirror. Don’t focus on all that is wrong; see what is worth being grateful for. Smile. Really, look at your face and smile. Someone loves you and that’s a good reason to smile. We take so much for granted. We worry about things that usually never even happen. I know that life can be rough sometimes but nothing helps your health like a clear mind and a good attitude. Having a few good great friends doesn’t hurt either.


Think about this, you made it this far. You may be older, but you are also smarter and more wise. Put that wisdom into action by remembering what’s important and reserving a little time to take care of yourself. The way I see it, “Everyone deserves to feel great!”

Dr. Mike Rozenblum can be reached at Genesis Physical Medicine, for a Complimentary First or Second Opinion at (954) 977-0888 or at [email protected]  

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