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God often reveals himself to us in ways we don’t expect. This month Good News Wants to Know…. What is a time when God touched your life in a personal way – big or small – that you would call a God Story?

Ron Bramos

When a fire destroyed our church in North Lauderdale in Sept.1997, it was unexpected and life changing. As the associate pastor I didn’t not want to take over as lead pastor (a year and a half later) with any debt. God answered the prayer, one year later, just before I took over as lead pastor, North Lauderdale Baptist Church (Renamed Victory Life Church) was destroyed by an electrical fire. The insurance paid off the remaining mortgage, and soon, with a little left over money from the insurance, we raised enough money to go along with it to build a debt free, modular building to worship in. Later, God enabled me to purchase a $4 to 5 million dollar building with no debt and no rich people, (which wouldn’t have been possible with debt). This freed me up to preach the gospel and focus in on the essentials of “real ministry” unhindered by debt. Unexpected as to the “how God would do it” and life changing to say the least. To God be the glory!

Ron Bramos, Senior Pastor, Victory Life Church

William “Bill” C. Davell

In 1986 we were blessed with a three-day pregnancy when we received a call on Friday from Shepard Care adoption agency that the daughter we had prayed for was born, and we picked Jenny up on Monday. We then began to pray for a son. In the summer of 1990 I was asked to share my testimony at a conference in North Carolina. While sharing the testimony, I included that we were praying for a baby Will to be born. We came home and three weeks later we received a call. When we asked when Will was born, we were told the evening of August 8 — during the time I was sharing and asking the conference group to pray.

William “Bill” C. Davell, Director, Tripp Scott Attorneys at Law

Brian Mudd

One day, not long after my wife and I lost our third pregnancy, a co-worker said while she was driving someone dumped what appeared to be a small animal out of a car in traffic on Military Trail in Boca. Horrified, she pulled over and a little kitten ran to her. She said she didn’t know why but that she knew I was supposed to have this kitten. The moment she told me I felt as strong of a conviction as anything I’d felt. That little miracle, only two weeks old at the time he was rescued, is my beloved Maine Coon Piper who filled all the voids – especially when paired with his sister Button who we rescued shortly thereafter. 

Brian Mudd, Program Director \ Host of The Morning Rush & The Brian Mudd Show, iHeartMedia

The LORD has been very kind to me. He preserved me from death by pneumonia as a four year old; he kept me safe and brought me through my years of drugs, sex and rock n roll; he brought me a wonderful, godly wife and gave me six lovely children who love God and has brought three great spouses and two amazing grandchildren into all of our lives; he showed me success as a husband and father was better than success at the law; and he has surrounded me with true brothers and sisters in Christ through my church and through NCFSF. God has been good to me!

H. Collins Forman, Jr., P.A.

Craig Huston

This past May, I had the opportunity to attend the first in-person business conference since we began reopening as a country. The meeting was in Dallas, and I flew in early to have lunch with a friend from college. This friend is a God story. God used my brother’s salvation and the changes I watched take place in his life to draw me to Him. My brother was saved at a Young Life bible study in High School. Shortly after moving off campus, I pulled into our parking lot, and a few guys were playing football. Recognizing one of the guys from class, I introduced myself. We started talking, and when he heard my last name, he asked if I knew Chris. When I told him he was my brother, he said, “I’m the guy who led your brother to Christ.” Wow! Indirectly, he also was responsible for leading me to Christ. Three-plus decades later, we’re still friends and relived that God-moment over lunch in Dallas.

Craig Huston, Huston Consulting Group, LLC

Dennis DeMarois

Newly married, called into ministry, and divorce papers sitting at home after a major conflict. Flew into Dallas for a layover, sitting next to me in the terminal a guy is reading the Bible and comments about divorce. I head to conference meeting and speaker speaks about divorce. I return home, literally burn the papers, and my wife and I pray. We are celebrating 25 years married this year, 2 Children, and been in full time ministry this whole time. Praise the Lord … and my wife too.

Dennis DeMarois, Director, The Gathering Palm Beach County

Don Campion

In business as big deals and milestones comes to pass that propel our company to new heights, I count that as an answer to prayer and a huge blessing.

We wanted a house, signed the contract but it was sold out from under us. Three months later the buyer did not show up at the closing enabling us to purchase the dream home – we call it the “miracle house.”

Don Campion, President, Banyan Air Service, Inc.

Deborah Cusick

Almost daily, our Lord delights my heart by surprising me with answers to my most intimate heart sighs. Over a year ago, for months I had been daily hand feeding a malnourished, wild baby squirrel, then he quit coming. Recently I was lamenting that he was probably dead. The next morning he appeared, letting me scratch his tummy as usual, then he scurried off, not to be seen since – but I was comforted that he was flourishing. As God promises, “Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.” (Psalm 37:4). 

Deborah Cusick, FAU Campus Volunteer, Intervarsity Christian Fellowship

Fidel Gomez

I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in December 2020. There were many, many tests that were to follow to determine the extent of the cancer. After months of testing and waiting for results, I clearly heard the Lord minister to me the following, “Why are you worried about your cancer? I am not worried about your cancer, so relax.” That was such a personal and intimate moment with me and the Lord. I had the surgery and am doing well. God is good.

Fidel Gomez, Pastor, Calvary Chapel Hollywood

Dr. Fred Scarbrough

It was Thanksgiving Day 1995. I was sitting at our church watching 100 homeless individuals when the lightning bolt experience happened. I walked back to the table where Sam, Kathy and Danielle were setting. Danielle is a six-month-old baby, and I gave Sam my business card and $20. The next day what is now known as Hope South Florida was birthed My life was changed forever!

Dr. Fred Scarbrough, Founder, Scarbrough Animal Hospital and HOPE South Florida

Gregg Wallick

My “God Story” happened the day my dad passed away. Our deaf dog Peanut, who never barks, woke me up at 4 a.m. barking. When I got up to let him out, I saw that I had 12 missed calls on my iPhone. The calls were from the Hospice nurse letting me know I should get there as soon as I could before my Dad passed. I was able to be with my dad and hold his hand until the end. I’m grateful for Peanut and how God touched my life in a personal way.

Gregg Wallick, President, Best Roofing, Inc.

Helen Wayner P.A.

There are so many times I know God intervened in my life. I’m grateful He has because He knows my strengths, my weaknesses and my story. He knows my past, present and future. A few years ago I needed to make a life changing decision. After weeks of agonizing brain and heart torture as well as much prayer, I made my decision. God worked it all out for my benefit!! You see, that’s what He does…because He loves us… “

Helen Wayner P.A., Century 21 Hansen Realty

Laura C. Bishop

My daughter, who was about three at the time, asked me for a bird. I said, “Emily, we have a dog — you don’t need a bird too — but if God wants you to have a bird, you will.” I found my answer to be strange as I heard it coming out of my mouth. A little while later I heard her scream, “Mommy said no to a bird but God said YES!” No joke — a beautiful blue turquoise parakeet landed by Emily, and she captured it with a laundry basket. We are so grateful for God’s yes’s in our lives!

Laura C. Bishop, Executive Vice President of Advancement, Palm Beach Atlantic University

Dr. Mary Drabik

There are so many stories that I would call a God-Story in my life, it is difficult to pick just one. I have been a Christian for over 38 years and I can say that God is so very good and so very faithful through everything!  Through probably one of the most difficult seasons I have ever experienced, a pandemic year, a COVID-19 year, I have seen some of the biggest miracles take place in my life and for the ministry! 

Recently, my husband and I were able to go to the Cove in Asheville, North Carolina.  I have always wanted to attend a conference there and we were able to with minimum cost to us.  However, during our visit there my husband had some health issues and we had to take him to the hospital.  The staff at the Cove and the people from the conference prayed for him and within 24 hours he received a clean bill of health, thank God!

God is truly a rewarder of those that diligently seek Him.  Remember, spiritual warfare is real, God answers prayer, and God is in control!

Dr. Mary Drabik, President, South Florida Bible College & Theological Seminary

Michael F McDermott, PA

Early in my Christian walk, the Lord often spoke to me in dreams. In one, I dreamt that I was offered a job in another state, but I turned down the job. Sure enough, the company I worked for offered me a promotion to move from Florida to Ohio to manage an office for them. However, largely based on the dream, I felt compelled to refuse the offer. Within a year, the office that I would have transferred to would close permanently. I’m glad I followed that dream.

Michael F McDermott, PA, Seniors Real Estate Specialist, The Keyes Company

Milan Stefanovic

I am blessed to know and love our Lord Jesus Christ on a daily basis. He touches my heart every day. The most recent was on June 8th with the birth of our granddaughter, Lucy Rose. There were some slight complications at delivery which caused us to pause and pray. God heard our prayers and allowed her to recover completely. We are so grateful for His deliverance and His presence.

Milan Stefanovic, Chief Operations Officer, Bass Underwriters

Oksana Horton

When I was young, my dream was to take ballet classes and get professional training. The problem, however, was that my parents could not afford it. Being new immigrants to the States, just meeting basic needs was a challenge, so the idea of spending money for ballet classes was out of the question. Still, I stayed after them and kept praying that God would somehow come through. At the time, I was involved with a Ukrainian folk dancing group at the local cultural center. One Sunday afternoon I was performing with my dance group and a woman approached me from a local performing arts center. She had watched me dance and offered me a scholarship to a very elite and expensive performing arts studio. It was a dream come true because it included all the dance and drama classes I would attend – and it was for all four years of high school! I couldn’t believe it – God had not only answered my prayers, He went far above and beyond what I had hoped for. He truly is a God who does exceedingly abundantly above all I had asked or thought!

Oksana Horton, Artistic Director, Torch & Trumpet Theater Company, a subsidiary of Revelation Ministries

O’Neal Dozier

In March, 1984, while living in Atlanta, Georgia, the Lord Christ Jesus came to me in a dream and told me to “go south to where you were raised, because I have a work for you to do there” and that work became The Worldwide Christian Center Church, which preaches and teaches the uncompromising Word of God.

O’Neal Dozier, Pastor, The Worldwide Christian Center

Patricia Colangelo, EdS

God has touched our family in a very big personal way by giving us a 7 month extension. On August 24, we were told he (my husband) was dying, but he fought back and we had a wonderful 7 months where he felt really good. We were able to vacation together (all 8 of us) as a family, one last time. He was able to spend time at his favorite place, the beach, and to spend many days of quality time with our children and grandchildren. We are so blessed that he was feeling great during that time and went quickly into the presence of God.

Patricia Colangelo, EdS, Lecturer, Professor, Trinity International University – Florida

Coach Rick Andreassen

God touched my life in a very, very special way about 30 years ago. I was at a church service at New Covenant Church in Pompano. I had been a Christian for about 4 years… The Pastor made a declaration to the congregation that he felt God was tugging on someone’s heart to go into ‘full-time Ministry’ and possibly that person was wrestling with the Lord to make the commitment and step out in faith and walk forward in the Church to be prayed for….. THAT PERSON WAS ME!! I walked forward that day…. my life has never been the same… there is no better life, than life with Jesus!! Thank you Lord for your amazing love!

Coach Rick Andreassen, founder and president of SAINTS of Florida P.E. and SAINTS International Sports Ministry

Romney C. Rogers

I like to believe that every day is going to have a “God Story” in it if I don’t find a way to mess it up! And there are really lots of times God makes his story happen, even when I get in the way. However, one supernatural event that happened to me was on the night my Dad died in 2007. I was determined to be there holding his hand as he took his last breath. What I didn’t realize at the time was the music playing in the background in his room. It was a CD of Christian music and when he took his last breath with me holding his hand the song “Arising my love” was playing in the background. As I walked out of his room that night, I knew without a doubt that God orchestrated the timing of that song playing to give me that blessed assurance that my Dad was now with Jesus. 

Romney C. Rogers, Managing Partner, Rogers, Morris & Ziegler LLP

Tewannah AmanI was a believer when I met this guy in my late teens. I spent several years with him. It was unhealthy and unholy. But God does not leave us. He rescues. He began drawing me back to himself, and I began reading his word and going to church. Conviction came! I asked him what his will was for the relationship and to show me. Two days later, I was in Pastor Jim Richwine’s office at Coral Ridge for something totally unrelated to counseling. But as we talked, my prayers came up. And he told me that God wanted me with a godly man and spiritual leader. He opened the Word and revealed truth! That this man was not in love with Jesus, and it was time to go. It was an answer to prayer. It set me on a path of service for him, which I am still in. He Hears. He answers. He loves. Unconditionally. Amazing grace…

Tewannah Aman, Executive Director, Broward County Right to Life

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