God made it happen: Do business right to honor Him

There are a few common threads which have become noticeable to me over the years, working with local businesses. Some companies pride themselves on running “By the Book”, whereas others make it apparent that they do not share this same philosophy. Due to the choices made by these companies in terms of how to run their businesses, the differences in the success levels of each company is amazing.


The Good News has a terrific computer database. Not only does it record each phone log and allows staff to leave notes for every incoming or outgoing phone call, it also records which database user changes an item and when the change took place. This digital accountability partner records every interchange that takes place in our company, while keeping staff and our business partners accountable for everything we “say” and “do”.

Could the formula for success truly be as simple as doing what you say you will do? When business owners keep their promises to their customers, they save themselves from embarrassment, a bad reputation, and loss of time or money. When a business owner finds he or she is unable to keep a promise to a customer, it is best to be honest and humbly say, “I can’t”. Honoring your word builds trust in the eyes of others, and trust builds integrity – Proverbs 20:6 reads, “Most men will proclaim each his own goodness, But who can find a faithful man?”


Have there been any times recently in your life where you would be embarrassed if your boss or customer saw what you were doing? If you saw God peeking over your shoulder, watching what you were doing at times, would you continue on? Being honest and up-front can save you from embarrassment in the future. Over the years when a difficult situation arises, it’s best to deal with it quickly and truthfully, not avoiding it. Avoidance of any kind allows the problem to grow exponentially and get very ugly. 

When we find an error at the paper, (we do make mistakes!), our next step is to quickly make contact and fix the problem. We strive to operate in a manner that is above reproach.  This requires awareness and much prayer. 

We all make choices in life that will follow us into our future. Although we may not see the outcome of these decisions until months or years later, it is important that we remember to act wisely and honestly, because our actions will come back to all of us one day.

Honoring the Lord

One of the coolest things to see is a genuine heart behind a Christian business. I love to see a business owner or employee that is so sincerely focused on the Lord throughout their day that money is never the main goal, although very important. My favorite stories are the ones I hear of business owners that honor the Lord by doing what He requires of them no matter what.

One Christian company I know lost a lot of money when they did not cave in to a potential customer who was offended by their Christian “on hold” music. That business owner acknowledged that God has given them everything and ultimately owns it all, while seeing their business as a means to minister.  They were ultimately blessed beyond what they would have made from that one customer. 

What God has given us is not ours to hide and horde, but should be used for His glory. Ask yourself, “What is it that He has given me and what does He require of me?” If God has given you a successful business, are you sowing to reap a spiritual or financial harvest?    

 I know that the issues above are the ones that I wrestle with every day. Hopefully like you, I also want to have these areas reflect Christ in myself and my business. We have a tremendous opportunity to humble ourselves and to do what God wants us to do. It’s not about having a fish on our business cards or our car; it is about how we behave, and what is truly in our hearts. 

If you are interested in having accountability in your business call us. We can provide a list of events and resources you can get involved with. We are also looking to bring back our monthly business breakfast; if interested email me at [email protected] to get plugged in.

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