Good News Wants to Know …In your lifetime, are there any New Year’s resolutions that you’ve kept?

I’m sure we’ve all made New Year’s resolutions that have lasted no more than a day or so. Good News Wants to Know… In your lifetime, are there any New Year’s resolutions that you’ve kept?

Although I believed in a higher power for years, I did not accept how much the local church meant to God. On New Year’s Eve many years ago, I made a resolution that I would make attending weekly worship a priority for the rest of my life. So far so good!

Fred Scarbrough, DVM, Founder, Scarbrough Animal Hospital and HOPE South Florida




I have not made a practice of making New Year’s resolutions.  I did however accept the challenge made by two speakers in Lifework Leadership: read books on a regular basis and memorize scripture.  The results of pursuing these resolutions have been fulfilling.

William C. Davell, Director, Tripp Scott




Life can get pretty challenging and demanding at times and holding steady with a diet or exercise plan has never been my strong suit. What I am proud of is my commitment to the person that supports me the most and is there for me no matter what comes our way. My commitment to my wife and my marriage of 24 years is the New Year’s resolution that I will always work hardest to keep.

Chip LaMarca, State Representative District 93




Can’t remember many resolutions I’ve made through my life, but in these last several years, I’ve resolved to walk in an attitude of gratitude, no matter what is happening. On New Year’s Day, I write a list of what I call “Monuments and Memorials” (Joshua was told to stack up stones of remembrance as the children of Israel crossed the Jordan, to remember all that the Lord had done) of the wonderful things the Lord did for me in the previous year. When I’m not feeling grateful, I look back at my list, remember His goodness, and praise Him. It helps me keep my resolution!

Deborah Cusick, FAU Campus Volunteer, Intervarsity Christian Fellowship



One year, I pledged to pray rightly (as I was already asking God for what I wanted in the situation, ha ha), for a certain person/situation every single day for a year, unless God resolved it earlier. I asked certain friends to take one day a week each on the same issue, but I promised God I would plea directly to him daily. I missed a few days, I confess, but God prompted me daily to pray….with my requests, but for His will. (Notice HE was the faithful one.) The beginning of the resolve did not come for a couple years after that prayer year. But, God’s timing was perfect, He fully healed the situation eventually, and my prayer life was greatly enhanced.

Dolores King-St. George, Station Manager, WRMB 89.3 Moody Radio



Being a very goal driven person, generally a New Year’s resolution is reinforcing the actions toward goals I am working on or have not accomplished to date. Acquiring something big, setting out to accomplish a big project and new health goals all get reviewed this time a year. My advice is not to overwhelm yourself with big lofty goals but small target or milestones and then set new ones as you  reach them.

Don Campion, President, Banyan Air Service




What New Year’s Resolutions?  🙂
Doug Sauder, Pastor, Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale






When we moved to Fort Lauderdale, we prayed that our close friends would come from our Christian community, and we are blessed to say that this has been the case.







For the past 20 years, I have a prayer vs. resolution that I pray and give out. This is a portion of it:

“Another year is dawning!  Dear Father, let it be, in working or in waiting, Another year with Thee; Another year of progress, Another year of praise, Another year of proving Thy presence all the day….Another year of service, of witness for Thy love…Another year is dawning:  Dear Father, let it be, on earth or else in heaven, another year for Thee.”

Gita Santangelo, Community Prayer Partner



I stopped making New Year’s resolutions 20 years ago because I was never able to keep one!

Gregg Wallick, President/CEO, Best Roofing





So glad you didn’t ask for the ones we haven’t kept. 🙂

I actually love the end of the year as a time to look back at my life over the past year and to pray and think about how I can do a better job in different areas of my life in the upcoming next year.  

I think one of the New Year’s resolutions I kept and to this day still have in place was to always pick up the phone when my kids call.  No matter what, even if I’m in a meeting. I always wanted them to know that I was available and no matter how busy I was they were more important than whatever I was doing.  At my birthday dinner this year it was one of the things they told me they love that I’ve done as long as they can remember. Yay, they noticed!!!!

Linda Giambattista, Executive Director, Taylor’s Closet


The only New Year’s Resolution that I have ever kept is one I made in 1986, as a mother of 3 children under age five…it was the promise to myself that I would not make resolutions to “do” things, but to “be” better at all of the things I needed to do…love God with my whole heart, be patient with my children, and cooperate with my husband. I haven’t  always made the grade, but at least have avoided the guilt of failed resolutions!

Nancy McDonald, President/CEO, Hope Women’s Centers




During my lifetime I have been able to keep one particular New Year’s resolution and that is working out in the gym at least two times per week.

O’Neal Dozier, Pastor, The Worldwide Christian Center





New Year’s resolutions have not been a big part of my past traditions, but I have made some resolutions over the years by the Lord‘s prompting… One in particular, has been the conviction to purpose to only allow words of blessing and affirmation to come out of my mouth….. I cannot say I have successfully succeeded every day, but desiring to honor God knowing “the power of life and death is in the words we speak” I pray a ‘lifetime resolution’ to be one of speaking life!!!

Coach Rick Andreassen, founder, SAINTS of Florida Homeschool P.E. and SAINTS International Sports Ministry



Although the New Year’s Resolutions are plentiful, the ones that usually stick are the ones that are realistically achievable! So through the years the memorable ones are ones that I have been able to turn into practical good habits like getting up early, exercising consistently and having a quiet time in the morning before starting my day.  

Romney C. Rogers, Managing Partner, Rogers, Morris & Ziegler LLP



I made a resolution to not spend one penny in the New Year. I still have that jar of pennies somewhere.

Samuel Lamerson, PhD, President/Professor of New Testament, Knox Theological Seminary





I’ve read through the Bible in a year (pretty sure most of us have made it a goal to do that at least a few times). I’ve set and held to taking a certain day off work each week, and I’ve also kept at least a few exercise goals (like P90X) back in the day. Simple things! At least conceptually.

Tom Hendrikse, Pastor, Rio Vista Community Church






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